What's that thing that pierced a big meteor?

OK, the music is stupid. But something flew through the meteor at a speed faster than the meteor.


Bottom line: Siberia is rife with UFO activities pro and con humanity.

The meteor simply broke up and exploded as all meteors do when they hit the atmosphere. Almost all of them will lose over 90% of their mass simply due to the heat of friction that is built up as they travel through the atmosphere.

No aliens needed.

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You still haven’t explained the strange flying object that pierced the meteor. Optical illusion?

Do you mean the video photoshop? The Internet is chock full of fake videos. Why just the other day, one of your buddies in here posted a video that showed one of the twin towers exploding without an airplane flying into it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apparently some people will believe anything if it’s crazy enough. :neutral_face:

Can you do that?
You big faker?
I don’t think so

No, I can’t do that. I can barely post a picture off the Internet here. But many people can and do make fake videos. As I said, the Internet is full of them. If you had any intelligence at all, you wouldn’t be so quick to accept everything you see on the net.

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There was no object piercing the meteor. Smaller debris traveling in the tail are in a vacuum and do not decelerate as fast as the larger object. As breakup accelerates with the heat of friction, smaller pieces around and in front of a projectile appear to accelerate away from it because they maintaini their speed due to less wind resistance relative the the speed of the larger object.

If you had a basic understanding of projectile physics this would not be at all difficult to wrap your head around.

The greater question to ask yourself is why you jump on every crackpot theory and conspiracy on the internet blindly accepting them as fact?

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Even greater question everyone should ask is why you defend anything and everything that leads to the ■■■ World Order

What does this have to do with the thred topic?

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Nothing. They just see a ■■■■■■ conspiracy everywhere.

What do ■■■■ have to do with meteors or aliens?

Are you totally incapable of having a conversation … even one as dumb as this one … without bringing your hatred of ■■■■ into it?

I’m beginning to think you were brought into this Forum to make Magog look sane. :smile:


■■■■ are dead set against the human awakening so that their “tikun olam” (■■■ World Order) will proceed.
That humans are not alone in this universe.
That advanced beings are helping good humans
That Russia will play a major role against the ■■■ World Order.

This should answer the questions and purposeful derailment

How the fuck did we get from meteors to ■■■■■

Talk about a derailmment. You derailed your own thread with this stupid post

Ever seen the film “Battleship” ?

I believe it has been shown that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (sp?) was due to a meteor burst of the type that afflicted Novosibirsk. Except that the meteor must have been a bit bigger because the self-destructive bang was immense.

No. Hollywood is there to brainwash a whole generation of gullible idiots.
Sodom and Gomorrah were nuked. Just like Mohenjo Daro.
About 2000 BC.

Yes, we should absolutely discount everything that can be demonstrated scientifically and shown to be true, in favor of completely implausible conspiracy nut bullshit that can’t be verified with even a single fact.


The answer is found in the very sentences you quoted.

The meteor was about to hit Chelyabinsk. Novosibirsk is one thousand miles away. Chelyabinsk has nuclear industry and if the meteor had a direct hit, it would have impacted the whole world.

That’s not an answer.

That’s the ramblings of a bat-shit crazy anti-semite.

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There is absolutely no evidence that the meteor was in any danger of striking period, it broke up and disintegrated which is exactly what happens to all but a minuscule percentage of meteors.