What is Wrong with Disney Land?

Growing up in the 50`s, programs and movies by Walt Disney were considered the Gold standard for Family entertainment. At the cinema I remember watching many Disney movies and documentaries. One movie “Darby O´Gill and the Little People” is still clear in my memory.
But what has happened? Now Disney openly advocates homosexual activity and has swallowed Political correctness, hook, line and sinker!,
Judge Jeanine blasts Disney executives: ‘Small majority of woke people’ - YouTube

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What happen is marxism has been in our universities since the 1920’s and no longer hide, they a graduating our future leaders at a rapid pace. They are becoming woke CEOs, they are heading HR departments for major corporations.

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Disney is getting ready to royally screw up in Florida. Since they want to interfere with Florida’s legislative process (trying to overturn the Parental Rights In Education Law) the legislature and Governor DeSantis is considering overturning the separate government from Florida they now enjoy and make them part of Orange County.

I hope he does it, the place is now a hot bed for pedos looking to exploit children. Disney is finished with more and more parents onto to the woke culture that is going on there. One trip on social media and the negative comments being made about Disney has exploded and the recent child porn and trafficking case where 100 or employees were caught in a sting operation is just the tip of the iceberg. A video recently surfaced of employees talking about how they are going to start inserting sexual orientation into its production line such as cartoons, movies, and other materials. It is time to Boycott them to no end.

My friend 'Catturd"

Parents are speaking up now!

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There are a number of Disney in Florida employees arrested for attempting to have sex with minors,in Polk County sting ops.
These employees include computer professionals down to lower level employees. You never know who is wearing the Mickey Mouse costume ( Monte maybe?)
He should be ashamed of his sick attacks against Dr. Manhattan.

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Do you think there should be equal rights for pedophiles?

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