What I Miss On This Site

I miss the Partner Publications articles we had going at Freebird.

More often than not they were interesting and well written. though some were a bit lengthy.

What’re the chances of seeing that gift show up here?

What say thee, @Ash ?

Well, technically Republic Standard is still running, but (perhaps predictably) we got hit with so many ranking penalties for Saying Things That Must Not Be Said that the site will basically never rank in search engines again. At the moment we’ve not linked the site to PB, presumably (though I don’t want to speak for @Patriot) because that would draw fire down on the forum before it got off the ground properly.

Honestly I’m not anticipating editing another magazine just yet, as I’m pretty busy with relocating across Europe and such- I’ve barely had time to write articles myself, and the country I am in is not exactly known for it’s support of free speech so that might be a very bad idea indeed.

Hello Ash. It would sure help if the posters here knew what Things That Must Not Be Said are so we could circumvent detection or paraphrase so that the site would avoid penalties.

In the private groups that are floating about you’re probably safe enough as those aren’t crawled for search engine pages and therefore cannot flag up with G**gle. Otherwise, the mod team here are pretty on the ball and will look after that. I just edited the magazine. The interesting part is that in May (i think, might be later) last year several sites with alt-right, identitarian and counter-culture content took huge hits on SERPs… I’m sure you can fill in the blanks there.

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Hmm…there might be a way for me to have a closed off area, accessible only to registered members, that links the articles and provides the comment section. I would have to make it “invisible” on RS too. It’s not in possible. Just a challenge :wink:

I am not as savvy as some of you folks are on how all of this works.

However, I have seen some topics on Things That Probably Should Not Be Said and I do have to wonder where the line between Freedom of Speech and outright bigotry/racism lies.

There is none. Freedom of speech is a right for bigots and racists, just as it is for sensible people.

Agreed. But I am thinking of what Alex said.

Things That Must Not Be Said

In context of circumvention of detection of phrases so the site will avoid penalties.

…do not exist within freedom of speech.

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A racist does not see themselves as a racist.

A bigot does not see themselves as a bigot.

They see themselves as “sensible people”

It is a pretty sticky wicket depending on what side of the fence you sit on.

What are these things? I feel like there is some wink wink nod nod going on with this phrase and that’s OK but I dont want to be saying “things that must not be said” or even participating in a thread where “things that must not be said” are being said. Ya know… I don’t want to be guilty by association.

Very true. However, does it somehow “ding” the board? As I said, I am not savvy in these ways?

IMO I would be careful of limiting what can be said. Censorship isn’t the an answer…precisely it leads to authoritarian control.

Now having said that troll IMO are fair game. Blaze away.

Also have a spot where we can say what’s really on our minds without it being public intrigues me. But I would caution about prying eyes that have visited the forum as of late. :wink:


That would actually be wonderful. To be able to speak freely without public scrutiny.

Yes, a lot of prying eyes have visited the forum recently.

I understand what you’re saying. I am saying that bigots and racists are not sensible people…at least racists never are. In some cases, bigotry is commendable, such as being bigoted toward racism, or socialism, or despotism, or…

We probably should start a thread elsewhere to discuss this. It doesn’t fit well in Site Feedback.

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If we have to shield detection from the cyborg x-rays scanning thousands of sites in seconds to destroy free speech a slight paraphrasing might not bring up a red flag. That’s my point. Free speech is not free. Never was. It’s war and we’re already in it. Free speech is under attack!

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Okay, you start it. I’m too shy :rofl::heart_eyes:

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Agree or disagree with it… You should be able to say what you think.

Others may come in and challenge that. Which if done correctly can lead to a great discussion and a broader, more well informed perspective.

My concern, because I really like this board and the people here is … Is there something I should or should not say that could unintentionally do harm to this board?



You are my hero asaratis :heart:

BTW, I don’t plan to contribute. :grimacing:

Just ribbin’ ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: