What Happens When Trump Loses?

I’m sure FAKEAHONTAS will have plenty of Executive Orders.
She’ll attempt a tax on those evil wealthy Conservatives of 70%. Close the Oil and Gas Industry, fine dairy farmers and cattle raisers for Bovine Flatulence and ban mushroom growers from using chicken shit compost.
She’ll EXEMPT her Liberal entertainment Allies from the tax increase to support her QASI-COMMUNIST agenda and pardon the Clintons, Eric Holder and those DOJ thugs that tried to FRAME President Trump for the Illusion of Collusion.

Trump will lose the 2024 re-election. Mark my prophecy.


The country will either survive or it won’t survive. Been an on going pissin contest since day one. All great nations, societies , countries run their course. Take a look at history.

Well, you never know. Everyday is a turn of the page. Roosevelt had 4 terms. I know, was it the 22nd Amendment that put a stop to that? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then again: Changing the actual words of the Constitution does take an amendment , as does actually deleting, or repealing, an amendment . … The Constitution’s Article V requires that an amendment be proposed by two-thirds of the House and Senate, or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures

Which on the latter is extremely difficult to accomplish!

It will be difficult for Trump to win against Biden.

The volume of negative propaganda has been incredible in every mass communication vehicle.

If Trump were to lose, the propagandists would have a mandate to push their authoritarian platform and further erode personal liberty and Constitutional protection for the individual.

A scary prospect for me.

I would expect Trump to offer a smooth transition of power while offering some scathing rhetoric for the distortions and smears that pervaded his media coverage as President.

A lot will be at stake in 2020.


You seriously think Biden as a formidable opponent to Trump? I just don’t see it as the guy is deteriorating faster than rubber on Saudi pavement! The person that scares me the most is Gabbard if she manages to gain traction and support! IMO she is the Democrats best shot if they ever were able to figure it out, which is hopefully never! Lol!

If Biden finds his strength and voice and energy, yes he will be a tough opponent.

He could just as easily become energized as he could fade as the workload overwhelms him. Tough to say at this point and we still have 14 months to go.

I prefer to overestimate the opposition and hope for the best.


Yeah I kind of see your point of not underestimating your opponents, but given his age and his more frequent gaffes as of late I just don’t see him surviving the actual primary race to get the nomination!

My hope is that Biden does well enough to get the D nom, but one on one with Trump looks to be outmatched and NEGATIVE.


So you’re painting the Democratic leadership with the same brush the OP is painting Trump with? :laughing:

Trump will declare the election invalid and rigged and declare martial law…he will eventually flee to Moscow along with Moscow Mitch at his heels.

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I see all of you leftists have perfected the design of your tinfoil hats :rofl:


Difficult does not mean impossible.

With regard to the scenario in your second paragraph, I think the better person to marshal talent and resources in the event of a crisis would be Joe Biden.


There is an interesting angle – if events begin to look or become more chaotic it might boost Biden approaching the primaries.

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Biden is the institutional memory, with ties that go way back and across the aisle. He is the one President Obama leaned on ten years ago when they inherited a nation in crisis.

And I believe that the worse things get the next several months, the better it will get for Biden.

This election, to voters anyway, won’t be about ideology but competence and preparedness.

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Biden has been in D.C. forever and look at the mess. If he was effective, things would be fixed by now and Trump would not have been elected.

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