What happens if Trump decides not to run for re-election?

I don’t think that it’s likely, but it’s possible. I think that Roger Stone said he didn’t think Trump would run for re-election, and he knows Trump pretty well.

So who would take up the fight to drain the swamp? The establishment would probably coalesce around Jeb or some other similar weasel. To continue Trump’s revolution, it would take someone with a lot of fight in him, a willingness to take on the establishment and the press. Ideally, someone with a lot more discipline than Trump and a coherent plan to clean things up.

Is that too much to hope for? Almost all of the big GOP names are strivers, egomaniacs who want a lot more to be president than they want to change things for the better.

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Jeb Bush is done, he’ll never hold another elected office except maybe in Fl.

Pence will be the natural successor to Trump so he’ll be the man to beat in the primaries in 2020. Hopefully Cruz can make a comeback and win it this time around.

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No to both! They are part of the establishment, and Pence is too vanilla to withstand a riguous campaign that no doubt will assailed upon for his past remarks on abortion! Especially if he goes up against Biden or Bloomberg two most likely to win the Democratic nomination! Cruz is part of the Globalist construct! Remember NAFTA? His Wife was a chief architect of that horrible deal. Also don’t forget Cruz also supported TPP which was NAFTA or the EU on steroids! No thank you! We can do better!


Mitt Romney may take a stab at running in 2020 if Trump doesn’t .

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Trump will run and the Democrats have been preparing for it. I knew the blue wave was coming over a year ago, when the GOP was almost losing special elections in bright red districts. I mentioned it several times on freebird, but didn’t dwell on it, because everyone got mad and I received lots of “black pilling” accusations. Well guess what, another blue wave is coming in 2020 if Trump doesn’t get his shit together.

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Yes, I’m thinking the same thing. Pence may be a prince of a fellow but he’s got no charisma at all. His rallies would rival Hillary’s for low attendance.

What about Mike Lee? I don’t know him that well, is he any good? Any good governors with some fight in them?

I wouldn’t take anything for granted with Trump. He’ll always be an unpredictable wild card. He’s an egomaniac, for sure, but not like a normal politician - he ran thinking that he could do it better than those goofballs. Normal politicians are ego-driven with ambition for higher office. Romney is an exemplar of that. Jeb, too.

I think you are right. The party must expand outside Trump’s base. The only demographic they really have right now is white men, and you can’t win many elections with just that.

They really need suburban voters back and need to do much better with women.

If Trump doesnt run, the Democrats will take the Oval Office, there isnt a Republican strong enough to fill his shoes.

No offense to Mike Pence but he isnt assertive enough, Romney is too soft, forget Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz is too hated, Nikki Haley is too soft.

I like Carly Fiorina but she has baggage, she would make an excellent president, she is tough, smart, a no nonsense type and will stand up to bullies.

She stood up to Trump during the primaries and didn’t even flinch or break a sweat, and Trump is as tough as they come.

my opinion if Trump doesn’t run, the republicans have no chance.

Nikki Haley is too soft? She’s done a great job as UN Ambassador, and is well liked by many. She actually may have some bipartisan appeal.

Nothing that could be done to right the US and continue the rudder steering that Trump has done will be ‘bipartisan’. EVERYTHING his is doing is antagonistic to the left and is really the only thing that will challenge a century of the progressive movement. If he has a problem connecting with the good people of this nation about the problems that face this nation… perhaps they have been sucked to far left.

Nicky Haily did a good job for Trump no doubt but their were ideological differences between the two and they came out publicly. When it comes to the ‘America First’, hard line policies of trade, regulatory destruction and immigration, I would think Haley as far more establishment than Trump… and I don’t think should could take the heat, although should likely wouldn’t see a special counsel named to hound her when she took office.

But will she stand up to the bullies in the propaganda media? From what I saw of her running against Boxer, I doubt it.

I’ve had my eye on Haley for awhile, I thought that she’d have a run at president some day. I haven’t seen enough to have a strong opinion, but I do remember she went out of her way to criticize Trump just because it appeases the anti-Trump media. Disappointing. This kind of Republican is a big problem in the GOP, if you can’t fight the propagandists at this point you might as well just get prepared for a one-party country.

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Nikki Haley, I didnt like the whole confederation flag thing when she was Governor, I wasnt impressed by that.

Wasn’t a fan of that…basic fundamental right of expression.

The “blue wave” ended up being no more than a minor ripple. The gains the dem’s made this time around are well below average for a first term president.

The economy is just now starting to really roll and if he manages a good deal with China it will be ripping long before the 2020 election and things will certainly swing back for the house and senate races.

Being both a minority and female she definitely has appeal few others can match.

Both are electable and no she didn’t.

The VP is is the natural successor of the sitting POTUS and is the man to beat for the nomination.

You don’t know what her reason was for criticizing him. Some people had problems with his character, and do to this day.

I disagree with this. While it is true they lost less seats than Dems did in 2010, you have to look at where those losses happened. Districts that had been solid R flipped. All of Orange County went blue. That was the one R stronghold in CA. Now the party is close to shut out in a state with about 40 million people.

The rust belt was a disaster zone except for Ohio and Kim Reynolds winning the governor’s race in Iowa. They only had a net gain of 2 in the Senate, due to the 2 defeats.

Even races that Rs carried were often very close.

In 2010 Dems lost 60 or so seats, but many of those who were defeated then were “blue dog” Dems who were representing R districts. When they voted for Obamacare, many of them went down.

So 2010 was more Rs reclaiming their own turf, as opposed to Dems winning in red territory, some ruby red.

Rs need to find out how to appeal to more women, suburban, and young voters, otherwise they are going to have a very rough 2020.

I disagree it was ripple…but nor was it a great wave.

They gain a solid win in the house. We should have done better but I think missing the speaker of the house played much larger role then anything else. It’s usually the speakers job to lead the men in battle.

Have to give Nancy some credit…she was out front leading the charge for democrats.

We should have done better in the senate…specially in Montana and we should have hold on NV and AZ with total of 56 senate seats. I fear that’s going to come back and bit us in 2020. If trump run he may win but lost the senate…even possibly regain the house.