What Are You Doing Instead of Watching the Super Bowl?


I enjoyed the Super Bowl yesterday. Didn’t care for the halftime show much, but that’s when we had our supper, the wife made some amazing wings and pigs in a blanket, so no big deal. Like a good defensive struggle and this was it after years of non-stop offenses. And I made a few bucks off the game, which made it that much more enjoyable.


Nope, just getting to the teen years.

I told them that I would be getting much more stupid over the next few years, whereafter I would become incredibly wise 5-10 years down the road. They have no clue what I am saying, but I am scorching the earth and poisoning the wells in front of them.

I love it when they get big eyes and stare at me and say, THAT’s what you meant all this time…



Nope no trains either … rolling parking lots … three or four cars abreast at 190 mph.


They stay in line…a foot or three between front and rear bumpers. I call that a train draft.


Have you ever seen three trains run side by side on the same track? :wink:


Real trains use rail tracks. Car trains use lanes. If the race track is wide enough, they can easily make three lanes out of it.

Plate racing SUCKS! Of course that JMNSHO! :grin:


My wife and daughter got used to saying …“OMG… not again the bolsheviks! Just eat your pizza, dad. Pleeease.”


Most people seem to say they “went through a liberal phase”, that never happened to me.

I am hoping to teach my kids the same. :wink:


Well when you spend half your adult life running from the cops…


I say let the NFL crash and morph into Gladiators…Roman style