What Are You Doing Instead of Watching the Super Bowl?

Golfing! Tee Time 11am HK time! See ya!


Since alot of people were talking about commercials, here is the pro-American commercial that they refused to air because it might be offensive.



Not boycotting. Just spending time with my SO. And planning to get up at 330 to work on some project.

I turned it on.

Saw this.

Changed the channel.

Less than 2 seconds.

Who knew that being anti-cuck is actually good business nowadays. I bet their sales soared after that ad.

drinking Sprite, eating a pretzel with cheese dip, and writing a lab report for OChem. And procrastinating on said lab report by flipping back and forth from that to Facebook.

Delete that nonsense. It will make you depressed and will distract you.

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So we can look forward to some new material?

But let me guess… the ■■■■ are guilty again. Yawn.

Watched it with my wife and kids.

When they went off on the SJW bullshit, I actually had to mute the TV and explain that crap simply enough that my youngest could understand it.

I told them the entire SJ thing was just another liberal lie. The justice that we believe in is rule of law justice, break the law and get convicted in a court of justice and you justly go to jail, or worse.

Threaten a free man and his family (that means armed, because unarmed men are called slaves) and justice just might be a hell of a lot quicker and much more sure. Then you get a free visit with the ultimate judge, where you will explain yourself.

But we didn’t miss anything, there were more punts than complete passes. Apparently there were only two receivers in the game that could catch a ball. Even the bulk of the commercials were not up to par with previous super bowls.

During halftime we watched the puppy bowl, much to the delight of my youngest. BTW: The puppies watched the Anthem attentively, and none took a knee.

I love the Superbowl. It means that the Daytona 500 is only two weeks away and the real winter is over. :hugs:


Daytona would be a better race if they’d do away with the plates and the resulting drafting teams. They could do this by decreasing the banking.

Speaking of the not-so-super Super Bowl, I understand the TV ratings were the lowest in 10 years.

Speaking of the real winter being over, Atlanta has suffered numerous ice storms in the month of March.

You obviously haven’t been watching resrictor plate races in the last three years. The changes to the car aerodynamics has eliminated team drafting. A car alone still cannot go as fast as the pack, but the two car team is no longer any more of a factor than it is at open aspiration races.

Up here, the window for a potentially cruel winter is closed by mid February. After that it can still get very cold, but the diurnal solar heating generally produces highs 30 degrees warmer than the lows, and the cold spells only last a few days (as opposed to a couple of weeks or more in December and January.)

Right! Two car draft teams have turned into trains…get out of line and you lose positions. This is why they still have “the big ones” near the ends of Talladega and Daytona races…and a lot of Green-White-Checker boring finishes.

Plate racing sucks!

Where o where is the outrage from PETA? :sob::laughing:

Did they roll their eyes at you and say… “there goes DAD again!” :wink:

In bed with the flu … but that’s not really a choice now, was it?

Aww, that is awful, @Rurudyne.

I hope you feel better soon!

Lowest in 10 Years? When the same team is in it every year, it hardly keeps things interesting to watch anymore when the NFL is so arbitrary, predictable! The NFL was created by gamblers for gamblers!

Yes, I heard some dude lost 4 million betting against the old man. :rofl:

I have a TV within 8 feet of my bed. That’s no excuse! :innocent: