What Are You Doing Instead of Watching the Super Bowl?

Instead of wasting hours of my time watching the Super Bowl, I am going to do some productive things around the house and cook up some thick pork chops on the grill.

Personally I believe we praise these idiots too much to throw around a pig skin and play a child’s game, on top of all that, despite all the praise and money they seem to still claim discrimination and racism. Personally I say to hell with this minority game and screw the Negro Felon League.

Although, if anyone is watching - I heard that during half-time you will get to see a bunch of angry black thugs stomping on the American flag.


I’m reading the Culture of Critique.



I have it on right now but my interest level is just about at zero. I think it took less than 10 minutes before they were bombarding a “strong woman” feminazi commercial.


I’m only watching it because I put money on the Patriots.

I’d rather clean my toilet bowl than watch the Super Bowl!


What super bowl…

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Loved the Hundai commercial though. :smile:

You want to come over and clean mine? I’m busy watching the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m very comfy watching the game and getting assblasted with some of the most leftist advertisements I have ever seen. It’s sublime.


Toyota couldn’t even help themselves. I thought for sure a Japanese business wouldn’t have fallen into this minority worshiping gender bending trap.

Those teddy bears :rofl:

The entire superbowl is revolving around shitty rap music and their racist fans. Just in case your not watching…

2019 - The year Marxist Social Justice “Warriors” (Commies) hijacked the NFL SuperBowl. What a bunch of friggin baby-killer-supporting, anti-American kneelers. I have totally OPTED OUT.


I haven’t watched the super bowl in years. I stopped watching the NFL in the 90’s when they decided they were going to keep pushing criminals into the league because they can run fast.


Football season ended with the NCAA Championship Game.

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I’m not watching either. Don’t care about a bunch of millionaires who disrespect the flag and country especially when many of them are criminals.

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Turner Classic Movies

They are a few days into 31 Days of Oscar Winning Films

Just got done with Doctor Zhivago

Now watching The Lion in Winter

I have no use for the NFL whatsoever…

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3-0 Pats at halftime. Not watching myself, just checking in with ESPN for the score.

2nd day of gun show and visiting father in-law in Cardio ward.