Went down to city hall to protest the mayor of boston mandate

This crazy Karen is a commie

Yup that’s me. Sign says “Active the national guard”

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Here is Trump pushing for the vaccine!

Two old dogs who can’t learn new tricks! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Another anti trumper

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Call me whatever you want, I live by truth not a cultist!

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So you admit you’re anti trump .

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit huh? I am not ruled by my emotions nor do I worship one man to be my savior! Get that through your thick head!

No back bone to answer the question Ah?

Don’t need to. I think if you actually used your brain you would know the answer to your own silly question!

Another anti trumper

Sure! Whatever you say! Did you take the vax?

No need I have natural immunity

Ah, but you love Trump so much that you didn’t get the Vax like he did. Sounds like your not follwoing his marching orders!

No he said take it if you want

Yeah sure. Sounds like you want it both ways but can’t choose a side.

We don’t like you anti trumpers round here

Then put me on ignore if you can not handle the truth! You sure you haven’t belong to the brown-shirt brigades of Nazism?

And let you spew your hate for real conservative Republican Americans patriots. I don’t think so

I love the way you always like to conflate things here. You can’t even bother to read what people post here, which by definition suggests you are not a very deep thinker and are easily swayed. Enjoy your FEMA camp!

Here is a little song for you because the devil has your soul buddy!

Made the news again …

That’s why he is UNELECTABLE !!!
Same old hustle , lock her up , Mexico paying for the wall , blah ,blah , blah .

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