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Wow. Pelosi wants to give voting rights to the newly arrived Asylum seekers and give 16 year olds the right to vote. This is shear insanity, and she needs to be stopped. In fact the entire Democratic party has lost their minds!

This guy puts it best!

Good luck, Robert Davi.
The TeaParty had similar views.
Chernyshevsky might be surprised that “The worse, the better” is not just for anarchists. It is applicable for us too.

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The Tea Party was undermined by the establishment Republicans and thus were swallowed into their black hole. Had they not given up their principles, they might actually still be the platform of choice for conservatism! Now we have to wait if the new conservatism platform will end up being

MAGA. Party of Trump

The same thing is happening to the Trump administration, but I think the MAGA movement is still intact…for the most part. I am worried though that the MAGA movement is losing steam and is getting flooded with opportunists who are just looking to make a buck.

This may sound silly but supporting Trump has completely changed me. The MAGA movement has awakened in me a passion I have not felt in forever. All traces of the depression I had suffered from have vanished. Replaced with a fiery determination to save my country from corruption at all costs!


That’s called “inspiration” it happens when leadership is present. It makes impossible things possible.


Brexit did the same to me.

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I don’t know for certain if that is the case, or if their is a larger plan to be hatched. I certainly wouldn’t think Steven Miller one of his policy advisors is one to make compromises on immigration, or Lighthizer’s work in relation to China trade, or Ross on NAFTA renegotiation. I will say this, his recent actions regarding Illegal Immigration such as the recent appropriations bill has me a little confounded, and of course that hard deadline of February 15th passed and gone without so much as a whimper. My only explanation for this, is probably more to do with the long term strategy in play as now congress holds the purse and needs to implement other measures to get his agenda consummated. He simply can’t do it alone and now has to deal with the duplicitous RINO factions like the Romney’s, McConnell’s, The Coryn’s who take Koch Brother’s and COC money to thwart Trump’s immigration policies.

I don’t think the MAGA movement is losing steam, but I can see in some instances where battles are won and lost, but being focused on winning the war is what needs reminding when the enemy is constantly trying to demoralize you in every way. So more to your point, we are getting close if real progress on many issues can not be made this year.

Who are these opportunists trying to make a buck that you speak of? Can you cite some examples?

Its not silly! It happened to me, both in BREXIT and the election of Trump! I feel cold anger right now! I want to channel that energy to defeat the likes of the RINO’s, the lying media, the Ilhan’s, the Pilosi’s, the Comey’s, the Brennen’s, the Obama’s, the Kerry’s, the Stroyk’s, the Clinton’s and every other lying piece of shit Democrat out there. So yes! Keep feeling that way, its whats needed to assert and demand the need for broad fundamental change for this country. After all, this may very well be the last chance we get.


I guess leadership is defined as becoming President as a bankrupt gameshow host. Or kowtowing to bloodthirsty despots. Or watching as American Farmers sell off their farms because of the Trade War. Or imprisoning 12 thousand brown children. Yeah, leadership…bigly.

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Right because the issue attracts partisan vermin hacks like you to come here in an attempt to derail threads on a regular basis with no honest grounding in facts! How so grown up of you!

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Pretty much any eceleb out there on the right. They never cared about immigration problems, conservatism, or gun rights, they just used right wing talking points to get famous and mooch money. These ecelebs are losers who just cling to whatever they can to stay relevant. Candace Owens, Lauren Southern, Sargon, Styx, Baked Alaska, Richard Spencer, etc.

Why talk about Obama now? He’s gone.
The money he sent to the Iranian despots is paying for weapons to be used against us . And
the brown children he put in cages are likely no longer in cages.

Obama’s cages.


Hmm interesting. I wouldn’t agree with you on Laura Southern, she actually does real journalist work. Have you seen her docu series she did in South Africa? The woman risked her life in doing that.

As far Candice Owens, she is a smart conservative and plays an important role for African Americans to be red pilled, so is Kayne West

Sargon, was well established long before Trump, and was a guy that was on the BREXIT movement.

Styx? Meh, he comes off as an opinionated self worshiper who is pretty intelligent, but his platform and his delivery is boring

Isn’t Richard Spencer the person who the MSM labeled as a White supremacist? Or is he more about just White people having their identity group?

Don’t know Baked Alaska.

I will agree that that is the one thing of value that she produced. Otherwise she’s nothing but a right wing LARPing thot.

She’s cashing in on tokenism and nothing more. She’s as phony as Diamond and Silk. Kanye just wanted prison reform passed. Trump gave it to him and now we are releasing a ridiculous number of felons. Stupid.

Sargon has repeatedly said that the influx of third worlders has nothing to do with the destruction of the West. Dead wrong.

All he does is repeat what he finds on discussion forums like this one without giving anyone any credit. Dude needs to put a shirt on too…maybe eat a steak.

Yeah he is…he was positioning himself as the leader of the alt-right but he was just a self promoting opportunist who recently endorsed Andrew Yang, a socialist for President.

Think along the same lines as Richard Spencer, but cringier.

She also did a documentary in Australia regarding the influx of Muslims and Government’s complicity in giving them preferential treatment. She is also young and has a long way to go, but can’t fault her for doing something she believes in.

Yeah, maybe to a point I may see why you hold that view given that she is not in a place of advocacy but has her own talk show now. However, her being a black woman conservative is not a bad thing, and still plays an important role for the African American voter base. Diamond and Silk are entertainers, that also play a role in the MAGA movement. You may not like their style, but why trash them for having a following on Youtube? At least they are not collecting welfare checks right and bad mouthing Trump?

I don’t know enough of the context in which you are referring to, and I have not watched enough of him to know him, as I only tuned in to his channel a few times when the furor of BREXIT was occurring.

Yeah! Ha! That I will agree with you on. I didn’t watch him very much and still don’t.

Never followed him nor do I care, but Andrew Yang, another communist with Chinese roots? Oh that is rich!

Great, one person I don’t need to listen to.

The people I follow on youtube is pretty limited. When I am not practicing guitar for 6 hours a day, I usually tune into Black Pigeon, Paul Joseph Watson, Don’t Walk Run Productions, Patriot Nurse, Natural Health News, and Ben Still.

Brexit has me excited also…and I’m a Yank!

I love when people tell the collective society to kiss their asses.


Those pictures you saw when the lying Democrats first criticized the Trump administration for “putting children in cages” were taken during the Obama administration.

The Democrat Party cannot win without lying, cheating and stealing.

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…and Candice revealed what the ICE children’s centers are like on the inside…by actually visiting there. There are no cages being used…as was the case under the Liar in Chief, Obama.

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Geeze, I was thinking the same thing, Ish.

Why would a liberal democrat be dissing Obama like that?