"We have laws on terriorism what should the terriorists be charged with"

the terriorists that entered the chambers of the house and senate and the offices
needs to be charged with terriorism!!

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For snapping a couple of funny pics? Lol

YA you’re a Russian agent and also trumputin groupie…

Why don’t you move to russia then you can see trumputin on a daily basis…

Prosecutors have to be careful of overcharging. A jury - even a DC jury - will be told by defense attys that the only ‘vandalism’ were some broken windows, and some toppled furniture. Reasonable doubt can be sown easily against likening them to Al Queda.

Four deaths and several injuries and the damage to the capital building is being down played by the apologists for the terrorists that attacked America yesterday. I hope for a strict response for this…

Well…If I were to walk up to the capitol building and force my way in I would get shot…
It’s as simple as that…These terriorists have stormed the building while congress was in
chamber…4 have died…all should be tried as accomplices in the deaths and terrorizing
the congress when in the process of governing…

There you again Sherlock !! You do not even know the cause of death for 3 of those 4 people and we know 1 of them was shot by a cop who had alternatives !!!

Metro City police confirmed that Benjamin Phillips, 50, of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, died of a medical emergency along with Kevin Greeson, 55, of Alabama and Rosanne Boylan, 34, of Georgia.

So are you speculating what the “Medical Emergencies” are ?

Is the spelling some kind of secret code, signal, double entendre?

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I don’t speculate at all 4 people died when terriorists stormed the building…it’s off limits period
Of course you can support the terriorists…if you like if so you become one just like trumputin
the one that assembled the terriorists and sent them to the congress in session…donnies attorney guillani should be arrested also…you belong to a gaggle of unAmerican con men

I was just so worried that this site wasn’t like others that have the spelling police but rest assured we have one here…fuk yu do you get it huh…did I dot the i’s and cross the tees for ya …huh

usually guys that run around correcting spelling are guys with tiny tiny little dicks…prove you are not one of those huh

DaDoucheBag ,stick to the subject of the thread
for a change.

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What about ANTIFA? Hmm?

When it all goes that way, what will you say?’

Just sayin’ :dunno:

Slow down DaJackoff 3 of those people were medical emergencies over the course of the day, that doesn’t mean jump to conclusions. Think about who those 3 people are too, the balance of probability suggests they are Trump supporters, I doubt they were killing each other. So at the time of your post nothing was confirmed, could have been heart attacks, strokes you know the medical emergency kind !! The media just love a good death toll to spice up their bullshit stories.

What we do know is one lady was murdered by a DC Cop inside the building !!

As for the building being off limits, I don’t think the corrupt cops got the memo, this one even thinks he’s on traffic duty !

More like his breed of dog when he swallows their whistle! :rofl:

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Cough! Cough!
Either he can’t spell or cast spell.

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Can’t hardly over charge the 5 deaths…

Odd that you’d be concerned about overcharging an armed insurrection of America’s capital building while the legislative body is in session…:flushed:

One of the police was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. This is the end
and it’s the end of bunches of terrorists from anything that smacks of insurrection
trumputin has sealed his fate…how good is that!

In the case of the murdered officer I agree there would be no way to overcharge that, but your wet-dream of everyone who entered the Capitol being charged with murder is mighty unlikely.

As long as we’re speculating, imagine if it were ANTIFA goons that did that- Pelosi would be shrugging and saying “people will do what they do” while Harris would be raising money for their bail.