We are at war. Enemy's strategy

Clif High

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This guy is not pulling this shit out of his ass, everything that he is saying is correct. I am actually floored by some of the stuff he just said. I know a lot of this because a lot of what he is talking about I know already especially the part about the Navy. These people are indeed playing a game, a game that very rarely gets talked about in the media. The two Navy ships that were rammed and damaged, in the past 5 years “the McCain” and “The Fitzgerald” were part of a larger game that was being played and I have been privy to sensitive info regarding those incidents. Gambits with the CCP were being played for exact reasons that this guy laid out. This guy better have his 6 covered because he knows a lot of info that would have some people operating in certain circles that will put him on their radars! Scientists and engineers are known to disappear without any reasons!

You should post this on the Spygate thread, as its relevant, as well as the Maxwell one.

Do you have a link where I can share this video?

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Will this help?

Yes it will! Thanks man!

Looks like this proves this guy is right as another CEO steps down!