WaPo describes Al-Baghdadi as 'Religious Scholar'; Libtards demand Muslim burial

In the final analysis the Washington Post fumbled the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi headline three times ; first, referring to him as the Islamic State’s terrorist-in-chief," to “Austere Religious Scholar,” and then finally, to “Extremist Leader.”

Speaking on CBS “Face the Nation,” President Obama’s Jt. Chiefs Vice Chair James Winnefeld slammed Trump for “piling humiliation” on ISIS after the operation. “If you look back at the bin Laden raid, we treated his body with respect that is due under Islam,” he said. (h/t Paul Sperry)


We should expect this madness. I was waiting for the moment when a libtard came forward demanding the Muslim burial part as well as “respect” for ISIS which was largely created by the Obama regime.

Screw that shit, leave him in the tunnel.

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This is Fake news at it’s fakiest.

Stick the chickenshit bastard’s head on a pike, douse it with mineral oil and set it afire. Sell videos of it for a dollar a pop. All proceeds go to charity.

To HELL with Islam!

Lemme guess, that turd over at Snopes said it was fake so you ran over here to repeat it like a good little NPC amirite?


Twenty Seven years in the Army and I’m something called “NPC”?

Libtards demand Muslim burial

Now THIS…is some seriously fake news. But folks like you flock to it like stink on shit don’t you?

I like you already. Props on the years of service. Look muh dude that 27 years has nothing to do with the Washington Compost running with a bullshit headline. I’m no vet but this place is crawling with vets and you guys can get into your honor/prestige dick measuring elsewhere. Doesn’t change the fact that WaPo made it sound like a vicious terrorist, who literally killed kids in cages, dindu nuffin. If you repeat a bunch of bullshit that angry young man Mr. Maddow spouts off on MSNBC then yah - you are an NPC.

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Guess in that 27 years you never learned how to do basic fact checking.

Here is WaPo’s VP of communications.


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I was gonna post the Fox News link but realized your head might explode. Here is one that’s accepted in most liberal safe spaces…


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Great…another shitposting shill who doesn’t read.

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I have no idea what this means, I consider the use of abbreviations as a sign of intellectual laziness.

I came to this smarmy cesspool excuse for a blog in search of a person who has chosen to steal my persona from a different website. Now that I’ve accomplished this I’ll bid you adieu.

I’m a Ranger.

Rangers never use this term.

You should stay away from mirrors pipsqueak.

One more time for all you failures here…

“Libtards demand Muslim Burial”

That’s some seriously trollworthy fake news. It’s pure :poop:

And your’re just a bunch of

Get you some while it still has it’s fresh scent!

Islam is a barbaric cult, that is thinly veiled as a religion. Do what I say, or you will be killed. Doesn’t really sound scholarly to me.

Oh the leftist butthurt on you is real…and I think I know why. Taking out this terrorist dog like a little bitch is going to make the Dems’ impeachment hardon rather flaccid. People love a winner and Trump just scored a MAJOR win for America. No wonder the Democrat haters of America are upset. Welcome to the next 5 years of Trump!

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Your master was playing golf when all this came down. It’s highly probable that he was not made aware of the action until after it happened.

tRump’s a major security risk and gave up what would have been classified logistical and operational details yesterday when he preened and strutted before the cameras like a Banty Rooster.

I seriously doubt if he was informed by those in charge of the op. tRump did after all give central command free rein to operate as they saw fit. So he’s safely out of the loop.

Yep that’s what we did. Those who do the actual fighting do so with honor and respect for America.

Cadet Bone Spurs has neither.

Calling someone who served with honor a Libtard" or “tRumptard” is typical for both tRumpleThinSkin and his Army of Cletus’s. It’s disingenuous and renders anything the OP/Posters says afterwards moot.

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So you voted for Hillary Clinton in the last Election or did you vote at all?

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Irrelevant questions both.

Why do you need to know?