WaPo describes Al-Baghdadi as 'Religious Scholar'; Libtards demand Muslim burial

Just curious! You obviously hate Trump, so I wouldn’t imagine you voted for him. So who is the alternative to Trump? Who would you support? And no it’s not an irrelevant question, as I would really sincerely like to know who you support seeing you are here trying to degrade people who support Trump.


So help me understand where your claims of “fake news” are coming from.

The Washington Post admitted to running that headline inappropriately. Then we have a former Anointed Kenyan administration official clutching his pearls over a terrorist not getting a Muslim burial like Osama (WTF)…while ignoring the fact that the dude blew himself up with three of his kids.

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You better buckle up for 2020 buttercup.


Remember (insert chosen pronouns here) doesn’t care about facts. The only thing that matters are feelings. If you kill your enemies, they win. Remember?

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Do you have any proof of that or are you going to just spout off speculation without evidence…kinda like these impeachment hearings.



If I provided proof you wouldn’t believe it. You’re conditioned to treat anything outside your bubble as fake news.

I’ll make it so simple that my four year old grandaughter could understand it.

For the final time so listen up.

WAPO erred, that is not in debate. Unlike any thing from Faux or other far right media they admitted to and corrected their error.

“Libtards” are not demanding Muslim Burial. That’s both fake and trollish. Calling a member of the Joint Chiefs or even a Starbucks barista a “libtard” is borish.

Disclaimer. I do not use the term “trumptard”. ever.

But then I’m over seventy years young and have no wish to be in seventh grade again.

So your claims of fake news are complete and total bullshit and you have been permanently and eternally BTFO :ok_hand:

Also - you rolled in the door calling people here names and making all sorts of negative comments but now you are going to go find the nearest couch to faint on because someone called a bureaucrat a libtard? Have fun doing those mental gymnastics, bud.

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Get back to me when you start putting your shoes on the correct foot.

I’m done responding to folks here. I’m certain that there are some very fine people here :wink:

I’ll return from time to time to see if the person who stole my name and profile from another site answers my question.

The rest of you are entitled to whatever you choose to believe.

Thanks for the update.

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It’s worth noting that the editors at WaPoo would not have let such an important headline ‘slide on by’. The original was intentional; the only reason they changed it was that it blew up twitter and was mocked (hilariously). WaPoo did not err; it revealed itself.

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That’s the second time you’ve promised to leave. Get the fuck on down the road, asswipe!

You said you were bidding adieu. Yet you keep posting.

And posting.

And posting…

… and posting … :roll_eyes:

And posting!

Apparently not.

So is your series of adieus a lie?

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That’s ridiculous. Since when do we need to treat a terrorist with respect under a religion that calls for our extinction? That is some seriously twisted thinking.

What we should do is show him cowering and crying in the tunnels over and over and over again. All of his life’s work and any respect he earned from his followers destroyed for showing his final moments acting like a scared little girl.

I’ll bet many who he tortured showed more courage and faith than he did when they met their end.

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Don’t want to hurt you fragile fee-fees or make you cry but upon further consideration I’ve decided to remain here.

I’ll post arguments that counter others opinions here and will do my utmost to provice support links for what i post.

However I’ll neither fling poo nor will I respond to folks for whom poo is all they got.

Roger that?


■■■■■■ burial, perhaps?

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Thus, you’ve demonstrated that we cannot trust your word.

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