Want'a Join Up With Black People

Seem like every time I want to comment the subject is locked. You guys over there at politicalbullpen got anything open? Well anyway someone said that “God-fearing, conservative, hard-working good American patriots who love God, country and family are black.” Well, there-ye-go my friends, I want to join up with them there God-fearing black, a er, people, and join in with all the kill’n that the back people are doing, you know, kill’n thousands of blacks across America, and “hard-working” like selling tons of dope, yeah and raping the white girls, hey man don’t hold me back!

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That was me, and that is not what I said you stupid piece of shit.

I said that you can find many God-fearing, conservative, hard-working good American patriots who love God, country and family who are black, many of them wounded in war too . . .

. . . and you can find a lot of soy-boy leftwing punkass bitch socialists who are white.

Both statements are true, fuckface.

Anything else?

So you strolled in and made a dumbass out of yourself with your dumbfuckery. Well done.


You know what bitch? If you hung out with Colonel Allen West and Sheriff Clark for a few weeks maybe you would learn what is means to be a real American


You are such a fucking moron.

We get it.

It’s not ALL black people…it’s just a metric shit ton of them that are the problem, dumbass.

But if you can’t read and understand basic statistics that’s your fucking problem, retard.


Don’t talk to your dad that way.

Apparently you don’t, dickless.

Right, just like there are lowlife whites like you who are also the problem. Now you’re getting it.

Can you read this bitch? :fu:

So basically you are saying that I am right but you hate blacks so much that you still want to be a little bitchass prick anyways. I’m sure your parents are proud of you. What do you do for a living anyway, gargle gonads? :rofl:

He’s a paid shill. Ignore his posts. When he spams a thread don’t reply. He can’t post more than 3 in a row. If you don’t reply his threads will get buried and die.

Fuck off dickless. That’s the most punkass last-resort thing someone can say when they have nothing intelligent to say.

You two little bitches came into the thread to stick up for another bitch who lied through his teeth about me. That says everything we need to know about all three of you nutless queers.

I speak truth to power. Real Americans get it. you fågs choke on it. You fuckers think you’re Americans when in fact your nothing but the flip-side of the BLM coin, just as low in the gutter as they are.

It has nothing to do with OP. It more has to do with you being a rude cocksucker that no one likes.

Well it should, dumbfuck.

I am rude to people who are rude first. Gee, what a concept you stupid bitch.

"Whahhhhh . . he’s so rude . .boo hoooooo::sob: :sob: :sob:

Actually I get cool PM’s.
Boo hoo for you

LOLLL. What a hoot, The Lefty’s hate me and call me a racist, and the fascists hate me because I don’t hate blacks.

LOL. I love this town :rofl: :rofl:

We aren’t lefties you boomer cuck.

ChiCom = Deep State

Fine, but there is some ingredient missing.

ChiCom = Deep State = New World Order

That’s better. But there’s something still missing. What is it?

ChiCom = Deep State = New World Order = Zionism

Their agents betray everyone (that’s black, white, Asian, Arabs and even Joos) in the end.

You know, betrayals in the end cause devastating damages, much more so than in earlier stages.

What the fuck is your problem ? Did you just make a score looting and burning homes ?

You’re just as bad though, your posts in this thread prove it. You might as well be a Lefty.

You punkass bitch

The sad thing about you is that sometimes you are close to being correct, but then your antisemitism disease steps in and fucks up your whole post.

Because you fail to connect dots

The New York Times is antisemitic enough for you?

Every white civilization that has ever existed on this planet has been destroyed by black people, and the ones we have now are being destroyed by black people, and that includes America and if you don’t know this you know nothing. And name-calling is a sure sign of defeat.

You’re absolutely right.
Look who’s behind the blacks, using them as tools to push their agenda of WHITE GENOCIDE.

Tell that to Trump who won the White House, fuckface.

Just admit that your OP was a lie and you’re a lying sack of shit, and move on, dickless.

By the way, I read your braindead ignorant rant about the Catholic Church. That pile of shit OP is PROOF that you don’t have the brains of a friggin’ steaming turd.

HAH! The pinhead who EVERYONE says is a dope chimes in.

Look at those pasty white BLM’ers


Every Zionist shill, you mean.