Want to know a spoiler for Amazon Prime TV's "Jack Ryan" Season Two which may change your mind about the production?

Jim Greer is portrayed as a Muslim.

But he wouldn’t be a Muslim.

Or would he?

Let’s hear your arguments for and against.

I have my reasons for saying he wouldn’t be, but I dont want to influence anyone else’s argument until after everyone has had their say.

But, if anyone asks before I feel everyone has spoken up, I will share my thoughts.

Read the books.

Amazon bastardized the books which were excellent.

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What is this and why is it in US News and Politics: Race, Religion, Social, and Cultural Issues?

This isn’t the #lounge or an entertainment category.


The books are excellent but after re-reading them recently they are definitely dated which is why Amazon had to update them. What works in a book does not always work on the screen.

I thought Season 1 was a bit slow but I know I am in the minority.

I have no issue with Jim Greer being a Muslim. In fact I think it adds an interesting backstory.

Yeah, agreed. But in a way that is like never watching any new 007 films since they all have been filmed and Ian Fleming aint writing any more.

I have read or watched these works:

The Hunt for Red October (1984)

Clancy’s first published novel. CIA analyst Jack Ryan assists in the defection of a respected Soviet naval captain, who commands Red October , the Soviet Navy’s most advanced ballistic missile submarine. The 1990 movie stars Alec Baldwin as Ryan and Sean Connery as Captain Ramius.

Red Storm Rising (1986, with Larry Bond)

War between NATO and USSR. This book is not a member of the Ryanverse, although a protagonist of the story has many similarities with Jack Ryan.

Patriot Games (1987)

Prequel to The Hunt for Red October . Jack Ryan, as well as his family, becomes a target of the Ulster Liberation Army (ULA), a fictional offshoot of the Irish Republican Army, for foiling their attack on the Prince and Princess of Wales in London. The 1992 movie stars Harrison Ford as Ryan and Samuel L. Jackson as Robby Jackson.

The Cardinal of the Kremlin (1988)

The sequel to The Hunt for Red October . First appearance of John Clark and Sergey Golovko. Ryan leads a CIA operation aimed at extracting the agency’s highest agent-in-place in the Kremlin, codenamed CARDINAL, who is being hunted by the KGB, and simultaneously forces the head of the KGB to defect.

Clear and Present Danger (1989)

The President authorizes the CIA to use American military forces in a covert war against a drug cartel in Colombia. The operation is betrayed. Ryan meets Clark as they lead a mission to rescue the abandoned soldiers. Domingo “Ding” Chavez (Clark’s protege in later novels) is one of the rescued soldiers. The 1994 film stars Harrison Ford as Ryan, Willem Dafoe as Clark, and Raymond Cruz as Chavez.

The Sum of All Fears (1991)

Palestinian and former East German terrorists find a nuclear weapon that had been lost by Israel, and use it to attack the United States. This nearly triggers a war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, due to the incompetence of the new President and his mistress with an anti-Ryan agenda. Ryan intervenes to avert the war. The 2002 film stars Ben Affleck as Ryan and Liev Schreiber as Clark, and changes the identity and motivation of the terrorists to neo-Nazis.

But I am pleased to see there are still quite a few remaining for my future enjoyment!


Good question.


Do you think the fictional character Adm. James Greer has a thorough knowledge of Islam? Do you think he knows what being a Muslim means?

Do you think the average American has a thorough knowledge of Islam?

Dated doesn’t take away from the entertainment value.

Like watching the original War of the Worlds, a great flick today, the remake was beyond horrible.

I have a collection of old Sy-Fi movies and are beyond dated yet are still entertaining.

As a side note, you can remake and update and leave the politically correct crap out.


I quit watching 007 films when Pierce Brosnan was terminated.


Daniel Craig isn’t a bad Bond but Pierce Brosnan was much closer in line to the original character. Super dapper, high class, refined, and witty.


The fictional character will have whatever knowledge the writers want him to have.

Not sure why its relevant if average American has a thorough knowledge of Islam.

Absolutely, just didn’t like Daniel Craig.

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Most Americans have no idea of the time of day.

Your right to a degree but cold war Jack Ryan would be a tough sell to todays audience.

I dont see it as PC more reflective of how society has changed.

Who were all the James Bond actors?

Seven actors in total have portrayed Bond in film. Following Connery’s portrayal, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have assumed the role.

Portrayed by
Sean Connery (1962–71; 1983)
David Niven (1967)
George Lazenby (1969)
Roger Moore (1973–85)
Timothy Dalton (1987–89)
Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)
Daniel Craig (2006–present)

Portrayal of James Bond in film - Wikipedia

https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki › Portrayal_of_James_Bond_in_film

Niven was too effete or overly intellectually refined for my taste.

Lazenby was just a bloke who lucked out and got the job without much in the way of acting chops.

Moore was okay, but his era of Bond was too campy for me.

I liked Dalton. Not good looking enough, but in all other respects, I feel he did a respectable job.

I think Brosnan should have gotten the job instead of Dalton. But he did a fine job and was at the end of his youthful film spying days.

Daniel Craig has been a fantastic Bond.

Sean Connery is #1 and Craig, my #2 favorite Bond actor.

Isn’t James Bond going to be a black lesbian woman with weight issues now?

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The fictional character will have whatever knowledge the writers want him to have.

And non Muslim American audiences, who are the intended victims of Islamism, will assume that the heroic and knowledgeable Jim Greer will have checked out Islam, found it to be okay and they will adopt those same assumptions as the fictional character.

And they will have been led astray.

Not sure why its relevant if average American has a thorough knowledge of Islam.

Because the goal of Islam is being carried out through deception by unknown entities, without our knowledge.

This would be THE worst decision in the 007 franchise history.

The actress will be crucifried by loyal Bond audiences.

If the producers want to create a NEW character who is Black and Lesbian, let them go for it and take their chances.

But to make 007 inhabit such ‘clothing’ is absolutely wrong.

Just out of curiosity, don’t you think some things should remain unchanged by modernity?

My favorites:
Always will be #1:
Sean Connery

Took Roger a bit to come up to speed.
Roger Moore (1973–85)

Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)

The rest not worth watching.