Walmart to Stop Selling Ammunition for Assault-Style Weapons - WSJ

They have the perfect right to sell whatever they want, or not sell whatever they don’t want. After all this is America, where Religious and Business ideas of corporations are protected, is it not? Also, Guns are a liability to them with how Insurance premiums must have spiked especially after the shootings in Walmart.

You can bet your ass I won’t walk into a Walmart again. I was buying ammo from them and we usually spend $140 or so a week in that place buying groceries, dvds, cleaning stuff, OTC medicines, and ammo (once in a while.)

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Yep - private companies can do as they wish. We will ensure that “get woke, go broke” continues to work against these virtue signaling bastards.


On, the other hand, insurance may be a bigger cost then the shoppers who won’t go there if they can’t open carry

Unfortunately all the big retail stores are like that . Was looking at pro American shirts and everyone of them was made either in china or central America.

It seem that Wal Mart hasn’t stopped selling these items they are selling out what they have in stock .So their outrage is limited to the bottom line . Stop selling the low profit ammo and seem to be P.C to the fools on the left who know less then nothing about the sport .

I think they’re being both, One, the low profit ammo, is the ammo that has the most “insurance liability” to the company. Or to use the meme, get you a guy that can do both. Also the type of Armalite Rifle’s and similar have a equal liability on the side of insurance.

You realize the only ammo that Walmart Stop selling is the surplus available 223 / 5.56 the AR platform can be chambered from 22 LR to the 50 Beowulf almost to many calibers to count in between .
Insurance liability is bullshit unless the retailer did something illegal during the sale .

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So true.

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More, that the entire class of ammo and guns can also be equally creating a potential insurance liability that completely outweighs the profits that will be gotten from the sales

Isn’t it great that WalMart, Google, e-Bay, Hallmark, UPS and Kroger are supporting our local gun stores.


Almost every hardware store in the state sells ammo and weapons not to mention gun stores and gunsmith or the old gun shows . The insurance dog just doesn’t hunt they are still selling rifles and shotguns and the high rent ammo .

Not true but then accuracy is not what mass shooters are after.

That’s pure BS. There is no higher insurance based on type of weapon or caliber/type of ammunition being sold.

There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in that paragraph.

Because there’s no risk to them not selling it, compared to Walmart or similar where there is such risk? They do have an internal department, and they don’t do things “all of a sudden”. All policy is carefully planned in order to maximize corporate profits

They just said goodbye to millions of customers and billions in profits.

Personally, I didn’t even realize they sold guns and ammo until they announced they were going to stop selling “assault weapons.” And since that time, I figured that any outfit that was that stupid about military style semiautomatic rifles, was probably too stupid to know anything about any other gun they might still be selling except the price. Big loss …

That’s because they are pandering to the uninformed. I’d be willing to bet that 90% of the people who want the ARs banned don’t know that they are chambered for any other cartridge than the .233/5.56 and the other 10% don’t know that much.

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I can’t afford it; but what a unique firearm.