Viva la révolution du gilet jaune (Viva the Yellow Vest revolution)



Seems like Macron has a rather sizable coup on his hands… Looks like certain elements of the police in Paris are removing their riot helmets in solidarity…


I saw that. If Macron doesn’t wind his neck in and give the protesters some relief, his arse will be toast


Aux armes, citoyens.


This is precisely why people who believe the second amendment do not understand that there is a time that comes when the people will protect themselves and their fellow citizens… whether it is arms that far outstripe the government body count or the soldiers or officers that turn their back on the state to defend their families, homes and communities… the government is always powerless in the face of an angry citizenry.


Macron is sending in the army to control the riots. Is there something in the EU constitution which says that a country cannot use military force against its own people? Correct me if I’m wrong. Well, with the EU army, I see that changing soon.


You won’t need to use your own troops, just ship them in from your “allies” who will have fewer problems brutalizing another nation’s citizens than your own conscripts


Jen, you know that the EU constitution (Lisbon Treaty) is a self amending document as per Article 48. This means that the EU can alter the treaty at will, to suit it purposes. It does not require the permission of the EU parliament and no EU country can challenge it in their supposedly sovereign parliaments



Wow that was great and spot on.

Thanks for posting that! :+1: