Viva la révolution du gilet jaune (Viva the Yellow Vest revolution)



They just don’t learn, actually. The government can not tax people out of their income without anger and consequences. I think the next step will be Macron going full Tiananmen Square. The police aren’t able to make the protesters stop…and the more force that gets used the angrier they get. They beat up the riot cops last night and took their weapons!


I think that stereotype comes from the WWII generation and the Nazi occupation.

Over the course of history, the French have typically been aggressive and quick to go to war. They helped us beat the Brits.


I (a Brit) was talking about this on John Q’s podcast, which you should all listen to, because it is good.
(it’ll be up soon)


This happening in the land where they cheer the reduction of weekly hours so that they can “increase” employment makes me skeptical.

However if Conan’s post (above) is remotely accurate (Questioning the accuracy of NPR not Conan) this may be a truly interesting thing.

When the leftist idiots try to tax people to death, the rich will leave and the working people will rebel. See “American Revolution.”


That is the basis of the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement. They are the ‘flyover’ citizens of our middle states. As @devauxt stated above, this is expanding to include the forgotten citizens in the Benelux nations. Of course much of the real violence was opportunistic leftists as always happens when they get a chance but the movement appears to be real people who are really fedup…


Well gullible wallowing global communism has to end poorly, and the sooner the better.

Nice to see that the result of AGW policy is the burning of things… Payback is a bitch.

My trust in the media, and your report, is very low. I will wait and watch.

The Anarchists would protest a cloudy day because thier mommies told them it was cool, their daddies left them in the dust of their narcissistic lives, and Soros paid them a pittance.

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I’m very sorry to hear two have died in these protests.

However, I support the protestors, particularly since one of their causes is an additional tax.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that?


Macron and his European cronies will fire tear gas and fire water cannons at their own people but when illegal immigrants and asylum seekers riot on the streets of European cities the authorities are nowhere to be seen? The EU is doomed and it’s of their own making.


There are, I am afraid, far greater forces than the need to hold the EU together. Just as globalist could care less whether Britain is in the EU or not (just as long as a globalist is at the head of the parties and the central bank), they don’t care about the political union as much as they care about the homogeneity of the population and the eventual destruction of ‘culture’… Europe will go up in flames but the migrants will continue to come… The British Isle is the only place in the region that can forestall its own demise… if only you could get rid of the sympathetic leaders…


The bit that you might be missing is that the EU is a control mechanism. Whilst the UK is in the EU, it is controlled by the unelected elite in the EU. Outside of the EU it has the potential to become a problem for The Powers That Be. Whilst in the EU, the UK cannot reject any EU diktats and the includes the destruction of our culture


Oh, I know that… while it is much easier for ‘The powers that Be’ to easier control Britain in the EU, as long as Britain’s government is with the general program, it doesn’t matter. Its like countries cow toeing to the UN… as long as that are in reasonable agreement, while not absolutely ideal… they are moving in the right direction. You are correct that with Britain out of the EU, the all important migrant movements are hampered… but as long as the UK signs on to the UN migration pact… everything is on track and moving forward.


The issue that they are going to have is that Brexit has changed politics in the UK forever. People are asking many more searching questions and the number of petitions related to Gov’ policies has mushroomed. The UK will not be as easy as it once was


True enough but for now, the breakup with the EU is just a minor deviation… That isn’t to say that the people of the UK couldn’t radically alter their course but between the socialized aspects of your society which conservatives are now defending and the UK’s willingness to help drive the UN Immigration Pact… no one right now is likely very nervous… could be wrong but that is the way I see it… of course I see it from the sidelines and that could skew my perception.


In isolation you might be right, but when you add all the bits together, it presents a different story

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