Viva la révolution du gilet jaune (Viva the Yellow Vest revolution)



If their is such a thing as ‘fly over’ France… these folks represent it… and they aren’t any happier about the progressive left their either…


This is going to spread to Belgium and the Netherlands. The electorate are fed up having to fund Macron’s and the EU’s snowflake virtue-signalling deluded policies


Yes - and it seems that Macron is ready to use force on his own citizens. If that happens all of France will erupt in flames. Snipers on the rooftops last night.


Notice they also had a photographer up there. Probably taking pictures of people’s faces so they can be arrested for crimes against Macron.


This will be the future in 5-10 years. The balkanisation is near, my friends.

Be prepared and do not hesitate to take action. Have faith, you’ll get through this


Can you imagine just how different things would have turned out if France had elected LePen?


I am afraid that Paris would still be burning… Thanks to Angela


It already has.


The deluded policies are really a cover for funding their new arrivals, the ones who offer so much cultural diversity.


That’s what happens when you don’t respect your own cultures,tradition and heritage.

This was actually predictable outcome…one that I’ve seen years ago.

One that from my stand point that EU failed to protect.



The power of the gilet jaunes is that the movement is, like the early stages of Occupy, able to transgress political lines. Though word from some French indicates this is as much an implicit expression of White French identitarianism, if this was explicit the response from the religion of peace plus Antifa would be incredibly violent. Framing it as a tax protest, c’est magnifique. Wonder where they got that idea from?



Yeah … the yellow vests will of course get the blame even when the writing is on the wall…


bravo, the writing is indeed on the wall, for many.


What we are seeing in France is the beginning of the end of the European Union. Let’s hope these boys put their foot on the accelerator.


Ha - then in the broader context of Brexit it would seem that May is making deals with an entity that is beginning it’s death throes. It’s like making a deal with the Soviets on December 24th 1991.


In my quest to learn more about this yellow vest protect I see this from NPR.

“This is the 50 percent of the French population, that we don’t really see very much. This is not those thriving in the big cities. This is not the impoverished people in the high immigration areas. This is the other 50 percent who live out in small towns, around the country. People who feel that they are completely forgotten economically, culturally, politically.”

It seems once again in world of elites middle class working people that want to live their lives are being squeeze by those few elitist snobs using the poor as their justification.

Why does this seem so familiar?


Because we haven’t hit them hard enough. They also apparently have a short memory. History always repeats itself.

Louis XVI lost his head in France.


Some folk have bought the idea that the frenchman does not know courage.