Virginia's Democratic Governor's Anti-Gun Package Is Straight-Up Confiscation

This is the kind shit that Americans should not tolerate! This is the drip, drip drip of eroding AMERICANS of their 2nd Amendment rights.


Not just 2nd amendment rights. Our “representatives” (using the term very loosely because they haven’t really been representing us for several decades now) have been slowly chipping away at the whole Constitution. Privacy isn’t a right. Due process isn’t a right. Freedom of speech isn’t a right. Freedom of religion isn’t a right. This is what happens when we fail to hold our elected government officials accountable for their actions.


Soon our nation will resemble Chicago !!

Completely agree! Conservatives better start waking up to the poignant facts you clearly articulate here in order to start pushing back!!

Your statement reminds me of this article and is a question worth revisiting!

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It’s hard to stand against Arbitrary government and absolute rule while protecting Arbitrary government the federal has already gotten away with because folks are too nice and understanding to stand up for governance by constitutional means. It’s one of Mr No Repeal Eisenhower’s lasting “gifts” when he rubberstamped FDR era lawlessness.

From what I have been reading, Virginia has been on a downward spiral for some time. I don’t know how it has gone so far left. It used to be a really great state and is the home of the damn NRA! I remember reading a few months back that a social worker in Virginia was fired from her job for having a carry permit. She wasn’t carrying, mind you, she just had a permit. This apparently made her ‘a safety risk to the building’. She was also questioned by her boss about why she had legal guns in her home and then she was escorted out of the building by police.

I think that is because since Obama a lot of lefty’s moved there as its very close to DC and the Rent is cheaper there. I can’t speak for the rest of the state, but after 8+ years its eventually bound to be a virus that ended up spreading!

An assault firearm is anything with 10 or more rounds? Jesus. That means that the only firearm they deem to be not an assault weapon is a musket. Watch out, Va. next they’ll be saying the only way to exercise free speech is by ink well, quill, and parchment! Party like it’s 1775!

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Last I checked my revolvers only carried six rounds. I have a few of those.



They might let you keep those, but once they get one provision passed to undermine the 2nd amendment then they will keep going to abolish it altogether! That is their ultimate goal! Semi automatics is the immediate focus for the lefty gun grabbers!

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Legislation like this is why it’s essential to get at least one more appointment for SCOTUS through The Senate before Trump leaves office.

You mean hard to make a stand when your a apathetic public that is lost in self induced TV coma and too busy watching football on sundays and smartphones are doing the thinking for the next generation?

I live in San Diego… at the beach. The real estate in Northern Virginia is more expensive than it is here. It has been for over a decade, What makes you think that the rent is cheaper in NOVA?

But for Cruz beating Beto, so also goes Texas.

This VA crap will go down in flames, but the Libs are testing the waters.

Things could have changed in the last ten years, but Arlington was always cheaper then rent in DC. I am strictly speaking renting of course and having lived there! How is it cheaper living in SAN Diego? Did people suddenly move out due to June Gloom’s to make the rent cheaper?

You may be right. We are living in the June Gloom in January right now but. Rent is moving up by the day here in PB.

Another reason why 2016 election was so important. The Scotus will strike down this BS down if it comes to fruition.