Virginia: Fairfax County Police Officer Suspended After Holding Illegal Alien to be Detained by ICE

This is what life is like in a Sanctuary County here in Northern Virginistan. Instead of police officers getting praised for turning criminals over to ICE they get suspended from their jobs.

A Fairfax County, Virginia, police officer has been suspended after they held a driver at an accident scene so the driver could be picked up by immigration officials.

Fairfax County police Chief Ed Roessler said in a statement Tuesday that the incident started with a traffic accident Sept. 21 at Harrison Lane and South Kings Highway in the Alexandria section.

When the officer responded and started to handle the accident, they found one of the drivers didn’t have a driver’s license. When the officer checked the driver’s information, it turned out that the driver was wanted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for failing to appear for a deportation hearing, Roessler said.

The officer contacted the ICE agent listed on the warrant, who said they were nearby. The officer then gave the driver a summons for not having a license, held the driver through a “custodial detention,” then turned them over to the ICE agent.

Roessler said that since the driver was not being taken into custody for any violation of law, they should not have been turned over to ICE.

The officer has been “relieved of all law enforcement duties pending the outcome of this investigation,” Roessler said. He added that ICE told the police department that the driver was held for three hours and released with an ankle monitor.

In the statement, Roessler cited police arrest procedures, which state that the two possible immigration-related results that can come up on the kind of records search the officer performed are “Previously Deported Felon” and “Outstanding Administrative Warrant of Removal.”

In the latter instance, which was the case in the Sept. 21 incident, “and the individual is not in custody or being taken into custody for any other violation of law, officers shall not … take the individual into custody based solely upon the [Immigration Violators File] hit.”

The procedure says that most such administrative warrants “represent civil violations of immigration law.”

Roessler said in the statement that officers are taught in the academy that “we do not enforce nor detain for administrative warrants, and we have no authority to enforce federal law.”

He added, “Our county is one of the most diverse counties in the nation and no one should have the perception that FCPD is acting as a civil immigration agent for ICE. This matter damages our reputation and the longstanding policy that I have stated many times that our officers shall not act as immigration agents.”

Neither the officer nor the driver have been identified.


Cut off all federal dollars to Fairfax County.


I love how the news headline says “driver” instead of criminal illegal alien. This police officer got suspended for doing his job.


So the issue that the cucked police department is claiming is that the ILLEGAL was turned over to ICE when he wasn’t under arrest because he had committed no crimes…except:

  • Operating a motor vehicle without a license
  • Being in the country illegally
  • Failing to show up at immigration court
  • Having an outstanding deportation order signed by a federal judge

None of that matters though…


Operating a MV without a license is in and of itself an arrestable offense.

This is nothing but pure partisan politics and sacrificing an officer on the alter of political correctness to pander to the illegals.

You left off a properly issued federal warrant for his arrest and immediate deportation as well.


This is really bad. Lawlessness will be the result.

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This failure to enforce the law is EXACTLY THE SAME as Jim Crow South police departments that refused to enforce laws broken by whites. The criminals are the only difference, the inaction, nonfeasance, dereliction of duty, violation of citizen’s rights are THE SAME.

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So police are not to do their job anymore the illegal has NO drivers license , failed to show up for his court date , was involved in an auto accident and the police are suppose to just let him go because he is an illegal ?? What would happen to an American citizen with no drivers license , failure to appear for his court date and was involved in an auto accident ? Dems are f-ing nuts !!!

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He didn’t earn his freedom the correct way. He is trespassing and in some parts of this country will get you shot.


In other words, the police officer was put on disciplinary leave for FOLLOWING THE LAW!


If a person behind on their child support had been found with a “failure to appear” they would have been arrested. Why does the crime of illegally entering our country not carry at least as much penalty?


Globalization at work…

The message this send is that illegal aliens in this country have more rights than citizens. Illegal aliens get treated differently and better than citizens. Illegal aliens have their own set of rules that they get to follow while we have to follow the law.


I will be amazed if I don’t see a ( blood in the streets ) civil uprising. Sorry, according to history, that never happens.

I WILL NEVER EVER let this rest:

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -



In honor of the thousands of American citizens killed each year by Illegal Aliens.

This all explains how the officer in fact violated department rules. Rules that officers are taught from their time at academy. You may take issue with FCPD rules, but the officer did not follow them.

In my area of the country ( PA Coal Regions ), we have many many very old, long forgotten, very very deep, isolated mine shafts. Just sayin.

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All police officers for this department should not comply with this illegal sanctuary city policy. This clown police chief cannot suspend all of them.


Time to suspend the Fairfax County Police Chief and sue himn and the county for this punitive act. He is failing to protect citizens of the county from law-breaking illegals w/active warrants (for failure to appear in court). Either our laws apply to all of us or they apply to none of us.

What makes him a clown?

What has he done wrong?