Utah university offers fingerprinting for DACA immigrants so they can drive

Bc who needs the DMV or the Feds or anyone at all when you have academic elites handing out “rights” to foreigners

ST. GEORGE — Police at Dixie State University are offering people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and others fingerprinting services — a required step to secure driving privileges in Utah.

Police at the St. George campus decided to offer the service after the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah reached out to them, The Spectrum reported last week.

“We noticed that getting your fingerprints done for a driver’s privilege card was something that people weren’t able to do in Washington County,” said Sydni Makemo, an ACLU representative.

The closest provider of fingerprinting was located in neighboring Iron County, so the organization contacted multiple law enforcement agencies in the area.

"As soon as I called DSU police, they said, ‘of course,’ " Makemo said. “They didn’t know this was a need in the community.”

The service should help hundreds of DACA recipients and immigrants living in southern Utah, Makemo said.

A record of a person’s fingerprints is needed to obtain a driving privilege card. The card allows people to legally drive in Utah, but it cannot be used as a form of ID.

University Police Chief Blair Barfuss said the service is available to anyone who needs it. They charge $20 for the service.

“We said there is absolutely no reason for us not to provide this service,” Barfuss said.

DOJ should file for an immediate injunction and sue the school for aiding and abetting illegals.

This is a good move and should be extended. I understand why people would be opposed to this but illegal immigrants are a fact of life so we have to do what we can to promote safety. I agree with the points made in this 2014 article

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It’s this type of attitude that enables their bad behavior. We shouldn’t accept them as a “fact of life” because they have an illegal right to be here.


This does nothing to “promote safety” and is illegal under federal law.

The individuals should be charged and the school should be sanctioned.

Illegals should be removed, not aided and abetted.

Cut off all federal funding to schools providing similar services.

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This is a good school to be made an example of. What they are doing is actually in violation of federal law and as others have suggested they should lose their federal funding because of it.


Only morons like you pretending to be American would say such a thing! Hey Pragmatic is that you?

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That is true and they will have to suffer the consequences but I still applaud what they did from an attempt to make the roads safer.

I agree this absolutely appalling and it should be challenged. Just as the OPED states: since when does a University override federal immigration law? Clearly with this latest act it seeks to undermine it! Rumour has it that the Trump admin is going to be rolling out a national voter ID law soon. How? I have no idea, but I have to wonder when states allow stuff like this to happen that they must suspect that is what’s coming soon!

Rumor had it that Trump was going to repeal and replace Obamacare, and build a wall and bring Hillary to justice.

Trump will do nothing and you will continue to make excuses for him.

Roads safer? Seriously? That is the basis of your argument! Most of these illegals don’t get insurance and thus have caused them to be less safe! You might actually spend more time studying the issue before exposing your shear ignorance on the subject matter!

Yeah ok Pragmatic! You are not fooling anyone here! Eventually you will make a mistake and you will get caught! Sock Puppet!

Read the article I posted. Its an attempt to make things safer. In your opinion it wont work, time will tell.

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