US Army tells Iraq it is preparing to “move out”

Thanks for sharing your opinion but there is no arguing that the entire situation was incredibly confused and poorly managed. The fact that it set the news wires on fire and was reported by every major outlet across the globe is an indication of just how poorly managed it was.

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It was never released by the pentagon. Either it was smuggled out from a trash can or completely fabricated.

That isn’t a matter of mismanagement but it could be a matter of treason.

Officially released or not isn’t really relevant. What’s relevant is the level of ineptitude that caused this to happen to begin with. Extremely sensitive working documents such as these should be safeguarded to avoid improper dissemination. That didn’t happen and the end result was a scrambling SECDEF. Not a good look for the Department of Defense at a time when the American people are expecting to see competence.

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There’s no evidence it’s even real.

It isn’t possible to secure the pentagon to a level however at which non classified materials cannot be leaked and this if real would not have been classified since it wasn’t in any way sensitive.

If it was real, it was a draft drawn up by some low level staffer that was never approved and signed.

Now, if someone did leak it to cause a stir they should be dealt with accordingly but at best you’re talking about a field grade/captain’s mast type of disciplinary action and probably a less than honorable or dishonorable discharge.

We have always had dissenters in our military and always will.

If anything it’s not a management issue, it’s a personal character issue.

So now you are going to say that the draft, confirmed by GEN Milley (in a post you didn’t read), is not real. Right?

If we leave, we leave; but I would make sure what we leave behind is either totally paid for before we leave, or we totally destroy it before we leave. Waste, even wanton waste is always a part of conflict. Just the way it is. If we’re not wanted there, then what we brought should be part of the deal. 24 hours of this would take care of airstrips. Buildings, vehicles, etc. a piece of cake to trash.

Why would they leave? Look at all the oil oozing out of the ground there. That doesn’t make any sense. Now that they plan on installing the east med pipeline from Israel to Italy to sell oil to Europe. Israel has no oil except the annexed Golan Heights and that’s not enough. The Iraqi oil is the prize.

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That’s a lot of deflection. Could be that the upper echelons of the military aren’t in lockstep at the moment and there is a presence of conflicting guidance. It’s just as possible as your working theory.

Seems more blood has been flowing than oil. Humanity is pathetic. Just too much greed.

Isn’t the moto:


US news hasn’t been news in the last 15 years . They turned into an arm of the far left an are 100% political !

Here is a reason why the US would not only be hot for Iraqi oil but Iranian oil as well. The Chinese would be licking their chops at getting control through economic aggression of both should the US pull out. In turn that gives them control of all of Europe should the US think that instituting sanctions on Iran to the point of destroying their Economy would be the next strategy, in comes the Chinese as plan B for the Iranians to save them. IMO the Iranians are the middle pawn of what is really at play here and that is China. China already imports close to 50% of their oil from Iran so the US’s strategy is holding onto Europe as a economic hub, where China seeks to weaken America by economically trying to distance Europe from the US and make Europe become more dependent on them thus making them more powerful. Think about the players here, what is at stake for countries like China who seek not only to secure their one belt road initiative but their plans for world dominance? Iran and Iraq are key pieces to realising that goal and what the US strategy is in the Long term looks like then it starts to make sense what is actually the objective here! It’s all about securing the European trade market and it comes down to China’s thirst to seize and fill a vacuum left by America.

The US doesn’t need the oil. Though the Middle East wars were once largely acknowledged to be about oil, and NOT national security. China needs the oil. Let them have it and do what’s necessary to secure it.

And once again you prove that you really have no real understanding of the bigger picture in the larger context of what is at stake. Only that you want bloviate your emotional concerns!

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Perhaps this is why Senator Lindsey Graham was so ‘out-of-sorts’ yesterday. A request for the U.S. to leave Iraq was not against the interests of President Trump; however, it was against the interests of Lindsey Graham’s war-council.

Speaker Pelosi can modify and change all of the War Power resolutions she wants to; it matters not. President Trump’s preferred weapons are not kinetic, they are economic.

So you want Communist China to become more powerful to dominate Europe and SCREW the U.S.

Ok so now we have a confirmed explanation.

That leaves someone at the Pentagon digging through the trash and leaking it to the press.

I want Americans and my hard earned money to stop dying for oil, and particularly now that we don’t even need it. Let China take responsibility for securing the oil they need. Remember last summer when Trump was a bit less concerned about his impeachment and passed on an opportunity To attack Iran? When he pointed out the obvious, that being oil independent, the straight of Hormuz no longer holds strategic importance to us, suggesting that China and Japan who get the lions share of oil out of there should be responsible for its security.

So I’m saying essentially the same thing. Did you think that Trump was wishing for a stronger China that could dominate Europe???

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As long as the industrialized world is dependent on petroleum it remains essential to keep it flowing at market rates.

If there’s anything worth dying for on the entire planet it’s oil because without it and without an ample supply at reasonable prices the economies of every industrialized power including our own could be thrown into an all but unrecoverable depression without it.

Allowing Iran to control the flow of oil from the PG gives them a stranglehold on the entire world.