US Army teleports solders from MA to Germany

You are a perfect example of PT Barnum’s saying “you can fool some of the people all of the time.” :smile::smile::smile:

Oh yeah?
You seem to be in the know, unlike this bipolar bear.
Why pretend ignorance all the time?
Maybe you have an agenda.

The Teleporter breaks matter down to energy and transmits to another location where it is reassembled int matter.

Wormholes are a natural phenomena where portals would create an Einstein-Rosen Bridge folding space bringing two points separated by huge distances close together.

You have no damned clue what you’re talking about as usual.

A portal device lets you experience terminal velocity in the comfort of your own home.

Well, at least in the game…

That’s exactly what I said.
Why pretend ignorance all the time if you’re so knowledgeable ?

That’s not exactly what the Bermuda Triangle is like.
It’s been quiet for some years, but who knows, it might get active again.

Stop lying, it’s truly pathetic.



Teleportation, wormhole, portal technology…
Same difference.

I’m admitting you’re far more knowledgeable in these fields.

So why play dumb, O wise one?