Unleashing the true power of democracy

At the moment we live with a shadow form of democracy. TBF it was all we could manage when travel and communications were slow, unreliable and unsafe. Furthermore getting everyone to vote on every issue is also cumbersome and highly likely to be unworkable. However the core premise of democracy is that the government’s decisions will reflect the common values of the people of the state. Each nation’s laws will be the sum total of where they are at as mankind gets more and more technology, research etc; with the ability to move when new information is appraised and approved. The administration they will create for themselves would be lean and mean because corruption and waste will be easy to expose.

This proposal takes about 10 minutes of reading to absorb. Those who have studied these things will recognise the elements of Liquid democracy and Direct democracy which although tried have never quite met the needs of a busy people getting on with making an income, family, other interests, community work etc. Enjoy. Now for the sales pitch:

If we can build up to the following we will have created an irreproachable democracy. The pinned post and its primary comments (numbered II - VII) for the gist of the idea.

How is this not progressivism? Its all is facade masquerading as a new concept and its nothing new in terms of our historical lens where such ideas were always presented as some kind of new hope! In order for this idea to even remotely take root, humanity would have to experience some kind of awakening, a major event that changes the socio-consciouness in a form of collectivism akin to a messiah that ushers it in through a spiritual concept. The problem with humans in general and this kind of thinking, is there will always be people seeking to have power over others, and therefore it is hard to conceive that this is possible. Only in death are we totally free of the wretched species we call ourselves, Human. Democracy is just a word and never existed, and is used out of convenience whenever some politician needs to sell the masses on something!

Well, you picked up on one thing. Power is Achilles heel of humankind. All we can divide equally is political power and the others intrusions will need to take care of themselves. Sometimes by law, sometimes by forcing us to think hard about where do all these halfling personalities come from? Certainly not Ma Nature if you know your Haidt, Sinek, et. al. She wanted majority Alphas to ensure the survival of the species. Those people could handle collective anything if it makes sense.
Progressivism? Do you live in a cave, use rocks for tools and have to remember everything? No sir, you are a member of a progressive species that freaks out over new stuff. Hang on for the ride till that horrible day when it all is too much.
The value in the idea is in the robust nature of the administration. Government becomes a low, background hum and not the main news every day; because it’s seamless. No more opinion polls, speeches, elections, campaigns, crying babies and shiny-eyed mums. All taken care of by using our brains and applying the KISS principle.

Yeah that is just a fantasy. You remove individualism you ultimately are supporting a form of Marxism if not communist itself! That low hum you speak of is the sound of worker bees in the hive! The real change for a better future is not collectivism but from the self, and looking at one self truthfully, not coddled into thinking as a group. The human species is an animal, and to think we are more special than any other species living on the planet is simply being naive. This is the one aspect that most human’s who consider themselves as critical thinkers forget to consider, that they are a living organism that eventually will die, and that their wanton need to have their existence to mean something is simply missing the point altogether.

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No thanks, not interested in mob rule particularly when that mob is driven by emotion rather than rationality.

Guess you didn’t;t attend a government class in HS where they explained the reasons we have the electoral college.


I do enjoy how much you are reading into this. Nothing changes (well hopefully not, but that’s another argument) except the responsibility of of those elected.
This groupthink will differ from today? How does that work? I don’t see the connection, even more so when your vote is in the right hands as long as they justify that trust, to the minute. Seriously though, we still have religion and there can be no bigger example of what seems to scare you. Now imagine what the New World will do with religious privilege if the laws reflected the nation’s core values. To wit: Out with the old, in with the new. We are doing just fine without their input.

You are making assumptions about what scares me. Religion is freedom of choice to believe in whatever you want. Just like democracy its just a definition that people such as you want to compartmentalize as practiced in the secularism we now enjoy known as post modernism!

You have elections every 2-4 years. Mob rule is already in charge. We just have to live with that snapshot till the next opportunity.
Of course, the alternative is minority rule (mini mob). Plenty of history books about those failures. Quite catastrophic if your knowledge of history goes back far enough.

The answer to that is that it is expected for government to reduce their intrusion into our lives simply because we have learned they are useless at it. I honestly can’t name a good government project. They suck at it. Leave it to us which has worked for eons before the nannies took over.

No, we elect senators by state, rep’s by district, and presidents by the electoral college all tempering the will of the mob.

A direct democracy amounts to little more than 3 wolves voting in the majority to eat the single sheep in the minority.

No thank you.


For eons before the founding of modern republics we were ruled by tyrants and dictators.

The “Will of the Majority” resulted in putting people like Mao, Stalin, and Hitler in power.

Your entire premise fails when logic, history, and common sense are applied.

Now post-modernism! Wow! All I can believe in is biological reality. Obviously we can do great things working together but that would require more people being fully equipped humans and that has not occurred because of everything we have tried so far. Government types, religions, ideologies have all failed us. Meanwhile we have a potential that requires close adherence to the blueprints. Nothing else can work.

People are not ants, we have individual wills, personalities, talents, and gifts.

You can never get everyone working towards a common goal and you can’t even get the majority working towards one for very long.

All of them seized power by force (though Hitler stuck close to the letter of the law - till he could change it). Had they had an election things might have been a lot different. But they’re all dead now.

They were all swept into power on the backs of majorities who believed in them. Nothing about human nature has changed in the last hundred years nor is it likely to in the next thousand.

That is your opinion, and it appears more in the line of a nihilistic thought. Religions have not failed, ideologies is too broad and lacks specifics, but not all have failed, Government types? Again a over generalization when speaking on the whole and reveals you haven’t lived in other countries for too long nor have any knowledge in this area to know what works and what doesn’t. So no your statement as “having all failed us” is simply incorrect and you fail to put all of this statement in its proper context! Maybe they failed you, as you don’t speak for the rest of “us”!

Do you even know what post Modernism is? I would venture to guess that you don’t yet your argument and how you phrase it is within the paradigm of its discourse in resent tense!

I did mention that it had elements of each, however only the better bits; in point of fact Direct democracy is not copied at all but the ability to change your vote 24/7/365 is retained. Have you read the page??

I describe my thinking as post-nihilist Atheism. That this universe cares not a wit for us however if we choose we can work on maintaining life well beyond any natural cycles. In historical theory terms we remain at the ‘pioneer’ stage (of the Tytler cycle).

Irrelevant, all that does is create great instability as any policy could change over night with the right ad campaign or pay offs.