Unit 731, US's Illegal Bioweapons Testing and Covid

I thought now is a good time to explore a subject that many people are not aware of, let alone American’s themselves about the history of the US Bio-weapons program and where it started from. This of course is in light of recent revelations of the sordid details of the US Biolabs present in Ukraine and the allegations that Russian MOD filed with the UN recently revealing intricate details of the intentions of US Bio-weapons program and their (US Military) intended targets.

If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend you do for context and better understanding of the current situation with Russia and Ukraine and why this is Important.

If you are unfamiliar with this part of history, I need to put a disclaimer here. This is some of the darkest and sickest stuff you will ever read. What happened at Unit 731 was atrocious. The Japanese violated the sanctity of human life, broke the Nuremberg codes in the vilest ways, broke all conventions regarding the treatment of prisoners of war (POW’s), and threw any sense of morality and humanity right out the window.

I will be speaking about this in the broadest of terms. The links I provide will not be. To be clear, the Japanese committed some of the most heinous war crimes you could possibly imagine. To date, there has never been an international trial regarding these war crimes. These were no prosecutions on the world stage. American politicians quietly made it all go away in exchange for the research that was done.

Russia later tried some of these criminals during the Khabarovsk War Crime Trials and published transcripts of these trials in multiple languages. If it weren’t for their efforts and the efforts of several citizen journalists, this part of history would never have been known.

Illegal Bioweapons Testing within the US and The War Crimes That Were Kept Secret.

Click, dig and research for the truth at your own expense. Let’s begin.

Unit 731’s History

Unit 731 (also known as the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army) was formed sometime in the mid-1930’s in what was Japanese occupied China. China and Japan were currently at war with the Second Sino-Japanese War. This morphed into World War II. Or maybe it was just absorbed into the conflict. Who knows.

What is clear is that General Shiro Ishii was the man in charge of Unit 731. It’s purpose was to test, produce, and store biological weapons. And Japan didn’t really care about the two international treaties that existed at the time that prevented them from doing this. Instead of animal testing, the citizens of Japan occupied China and other POWs became the test subjects.

In 1932, General Shiro Ishii, chief medical officer of the Japanese Army, had taken command of the Army Epidemic Prevention Research Laboratory for the Imperial Japanese Army. A secret research group named the Togo Unit was formed for various chemical and biological experimentation in Machuria, China.

Zhongma Fortress was built in Beiyinhe, China. This started the medical experimentation on prisoners during the World Wars. It was later destroyed and operations were moved to Pingfang in Manchuria, China.

In 1936, by Japanese Imperial Decree, operations were expanded and was integrated into the Kwantung Army. It was called the Epidemic Prevention Department. Two units, the Ishii Unit and the Wakamatsu Unit, were created. Collectively, they were known as the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Knawtang Army, also known as Unit 731.

Known Facilities

These are the locations that we know about. There may be more. All of these were located in Japanese occupied China with the exception of Shinjuku District Medical School and Research Facility.

Tokyo, Japan - Shinjuku District Medical School and Research Facility was located here. Doctors and students would visit and staff the other facilities.

Unit 731- This group of facilities which was located in Pingfang, China which also had branches or satellite facilities located in Linkou (Branch 162), Mudanjiang, Hailin (Branch 643), Sunwu (Branch 673), Toan, and Hailar (Branch 543).


Unit 8604 - This was located in Canton which experimented on food and water deprivation, water-borne typhus, and bubonic plague vectors (i.e. plague infested rats).

Unit 100 - This facility was located in Mokotan, Manchukuo.


Unit Ei 1644 - This satellite facility was located in Nanking.


Mukden POW Camp - This was located 350 miles from Pingfang in Mukden. POWs were experimented on with infectious diseases disguised as harmless vaccines.


The Experiments

Human test subjects were called maruta, or logs, in reference to one of the buildings being named a lumber mill. These people included everyone from criminals, political prisoners, people arrested for suspicious activities, and prisoners of war (POW’s). They were young and old. Experimentation didn’t discriminate against age, gender or even pregnancy. Additionally, field tests were conducted on the Chinese civilian population surrounding these facilities.

Biological warfare research included:

  • Bubonic plague

  • Anthrax

  • Smallpox

  • Cholera

  • Typhoid

  • Epidemic hemorrhagic fever

  • Syphilis

  • Scarlet fever

  • Meningitis

  • Typhus

  • And dozens of other pathogens to be used against humans, crops, and animals

Experiments on humans included:

  • Dismemberment

  • Amputations

  • Effects of blood loss

  • Vivisections

  • Practice surgery

  • Organ removal

  • Lethal injections

  • Injections involving animal blood, air bubbles, and seawater

  • Study of venereal diseases

  • The effects of extreme temperatures on the human body

  • The limitations of the human body, including g-force thresholds, high pressure, and radiation

  • Weapons testing, which included grenades, flamethrowers, and plague-spreading bombs

  • Biological warfare and bioweapons testing

Please note that anesthesia was not given to the human test subjects as the Japanese felt that this could skew research results. If you should go read or watch videos on the testimonies given by the Japanese doctors, their own accounts of events will confirm this.

“The fellow knew that it was over for him, and so he didn’t struggle when they led him into the room and tied him down. But when I picked up the scalpel, that’s when he began screaming. I cut him open from the chest to the stomach, and he screamed terribly, and his face was all twisted in agony. He made this unimaginable sound. He was screaming so horribly. But then finally he stopped. This was all in a day’s work for the surgeons, but it really left an impression on me because it was my first time.”


Author’s Note: There were many more experiments that were conducted that I am unaware of. However, I am unable to continue down this rabbit hole. I could not watch anymore. There are just some things I really don’t want to watch or read about. So let’s move on. Shall we? I am not trying to diminish the horrors of what these people experienced. What I have stated is true. What I have stated doesn’t do these victims’ justice. It is worse than you or I could possibly imagine.

The Surrender

August 1945. The Russians invaded Manchukuo and Mengjiang. General Ishii ordered the destruction of Unit 731’s test facilities. Potassium cyanide was issued to the staff before they fled to Japan. This was to be used should they be caught. The remaining skeleton crew set out to destroy all the evidence. No human test subject survived Unit 731. All were killed. Their bodies were burned. Buildings were bombed. Even specimen jars were emptied and their contents buried. All participants were threatened to take this to their grave.

In 1945 Japan surrendered to the Allied Powers. General Douglas MacArthur was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers and in charge of rebuilding Japan while under Allied occupation.

Estimates of casualties were anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 victims at the facilities itself and between 500,000 to 1.2 million during field tests and other experiments. However, the true death toll will never be known.

The Cover Up Lieutenant Colonel Murray Sanders was in charge of investigating biological warfare activity in Japan. After threatening to hand the Japanese over to Russia, he was given a transcript regarding the experiments going on in connection with Unit 731. He took that information to MacArthur. MacArthur, under Roosevelt’s orders, struck a deal with the Japanese informants - immunity and 250,000 yen in exchange for the research that was conducted.

“‘MacArthur kept Ishii and Ishii’s network secret from the prosecutors. The prosecutors of the war crimes tribunal didn’t know of Ishii,’ Port said. ‘So MacArthur could take advantage of his knowledge.’”


MacArthur wanted to keep the research from Unit 731 a secret. He did not want other Allied countries to have access to it.

What Happened To The Research?

Well, it ended up at Fort Detrick in Maryland where the US Army headed the US Army Biological Warfare Laboratories. Lieutenant Colonel Murray Sanders, the same guy who investigated the allegations, ended up being in charge

“In 1942, President Roosevelt signed into action the first biological warfare program; backed by the National Academy of Sciences, the initiative sought to develop biological weapons and explore vulnerability of the U.S. to such attacks. A government body — the War Research Service (WRS) — was created to oversee these activities, and George W Merck (of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company) was appointed to leadership. At his team’s directive, Fort Detrick, the United States’ biological warfare ‘headquarters,’ was constructed in the small town of of Frederick, Maryland. The facility then embarked on top secret plan to stage open-air ‘biological warfare tests’ using the unsuspecting American public.”


“The United States biological defense program began as a small defensive effort that paralleled the country’s offensive biological weapons development and production program, active between 1943 and 1969.”

“After 1945, we borrowed many fascist methods. Nuremberg only punished a handful of the guilty; most walked free with our help. In 1946, Project Paperclip secretly brought more than 1,000 Nazi scientists to the US. Among their ranks were Kurt Blome, who had tested nerve gas at Auschwitz, and Konrad Schaeffer, who forced salt into victims at Dachau. Other experiments at mind control via drugs and surgery were folded into the CIA’s Project Bluebird. Japan’s Dr Shiro Ishii, who had experimented with prisoners in Manchuria, came to Maryland to advise on bio-weapons.”


What Other “Coincidences” Happened At This Time? Well, the Communicable Disease Center (CDC), which would later become the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opened its doors on July 1, 1946. But here’s a picture from 1945.


The World Health Organization (WHO) opened its doors on April 7, 1948.


It would be hilarious if I could add the National Institute of Health into this equation. But I can’t. They had their beginnings in the late 1700s and early 1800s. However, they did gain bureau status on November 11, 1943, and the Research Grants Office was opened in 1946. So there is that.

Operation Paperclip At the end of the war, the US launched an Operation to bring German scientists, among others, here to the US. These scientists and researchers would be protected from being charged with war crimes in exchange for researching special projects for the government. Fort Detrick was one such place that some these scientists ended up. The operation was called Operation Paperclip.


“Jeffrey Alan Lockwood wrote in 2009 that the biological warfare program at Ft. Detrick began to research the use of insects as disease vectors going back to World War II and also employed German and Japanese scientists after the war who had experimented on human subjects among POWs and concentration camp inmates.”


“From 1945 to 1955, under Project Paperclip and its successors, the U.S. government recruited over 1,600 German and Austrian scientists and engineers in a variety of fields such as aircraft design, missile technology, and biological warfare. Among the specialists in the latter field who ended up working in the U.S. were Walter Schreiber, Erich Traub, and Kurt Blome, who had been involved with medical experiments on concentration camp inmates to test biological warfare agents. Since Britain, France and the Soviet Union were also engaged in recruiting these scientists, the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) wished to deny their services to other powers, and therefore altered or concealed the records of their Nazi past and involvement in war crimes.”


To be continued…

This is quite the list of incriminations that now can’t be unseen.

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Unit 731 war criminals were pardoned by Americans after WWII in exchange for the delivery of their experiment results.

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Of course and that makes a lot of sense on many levels. I did cite earlier in this OP about how it was the Russians who were responsible about this information being made available due to Khabarovsk War Crime Trials, if it not for published transcripts in multiple languages and the efforts of citizen journalists this part of history might have been buried. That is why I find this info not only fascinating but ironic at the same time, because its the Russians again (today) who are exposing the US Bio-logical weapons program at the UN that served as the impetus for them to invade Ukraine.

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Here is the official release

Translation and the full video I could not download

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Notice he mentions corona virus (@ 38 sec) and Covid 19 a few seconds later.

Reports on American bio labs in Georgia were broadcast on Russian mainstream long before current Special Operation, although many Russians didn’t want to hear about them, saying the TV channel is full of conspiracy theories. (I actually like the channel, but it’s another story).

Even today many Russians don’t want to believe Covid 19 was invented in this manner, but they will be forced to change their mind, since the info comes directly from the official military sources.

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Have you notice recent subtle warnings of how another pandemic is on the way?

Yea… tri covid??? WTF.


I heard it’s Avian flu. They can’t keep their story straight.


As long as you don’t take the jab or stupid drugs, you and your family are OK.

I will never have to! This war has to be fought by someone!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On a more serious note

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I learned that I will not be manipulated into anything I don’t want to do… to myself. I no longer care about “going back to work”. I still work and I’m doing just fine. Fk them and their manipulative ‘disease/s’. in fact, just fk them. :wink:


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Is it safe to say that the US biological weapons programs came from the Japanese?