Ungrateful Chinese Racist Sofia Leung Wants "Whiteness" Out Of "Our" Libraries


“I’m a second generation Chinese American and native New Yorker currently living in the Boston area. I’m the Teaching and Learning Program Manager and liaison to the department of Comparative Media Studies/Writing at the MIT Libraries. I believe that social justice work is library work and that we should all be collectively engaged in our liberation. My current research is on the intersections of Critical Race Theory and Library and Information Science and I speak on a number of topics, mostly related to social justice and libraries, critical pedagogy, and critical librarianship.”

She took her posts down but, the above was located here:


This ungrateful insectile librarian didn’t realize that the internet never forgets. Be sure to send her messages of love and inspiration.Tell her what you think about her Asian privilege and her blatant anti-white racism.



Just in case she decides to take her anti-white bullshit down:



White people are oppressing PoCs because they write a lot of books which “physically” take up too much “space” in our nation’s libraries and “promote and proliferate whiteness with their very existence,” according to academic librarian Sofia Leung of MIT.


“Please donate to our library. It is the center of our community and serves our children and the least among us.”


Sorry, I’m white and some dipshit writing for the Library Journal says you don’t want ‘whiteness’ in your library. I’m sure Sofia Leung is super generous though.



I want batshit crazy Chinese girls out of our libraries and anywhere else they seek attention in the most socially awkward ways possible.

It’s really unfortunate that she is employed holding such racist views like that. I think MIT should disavow and sent her ugly racist ass packing - I hear China is nice this time of year.


Maybe she and Melissa Click can analyze the whiteness of Martha Stewart again.

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Sofia, your IQ is suppressed a bit because you’re a woman, but you’d think the Asian genes would offset that.

In fact it seems that your IQ is average at best, which means that you are mentally retarded by Asian standards.

“Whiteness” takes up so much space in libraries because whites - especially white men - wrote the best literature.

Though even if they didn’t, they would still have the right to the lion’s share of shelf space in the libraries of their homeland of Europe, and in the Americans and Australia, lands that they took away from sub-100-IQ savages who contributed little of worth to the progress of the human race.


I read her full article. It was truly vomit of the mind. This is precisely why we need to end diversity hiring immediately. There are plenty of other librarians out there who would gladly accept such a prestigious position.


It’s because this retard can’t stand to think that any idea that may have crossed her epsilon sub-moron brain was already considered and refuted long ago.

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She refers to herself as a POC because she is a self-described - yellow person. Well, yellow people genocided the Dzungars. That’s an entire race of people just exterminated by yellow people. I can’t recall the US doing anything like that.

Can’t recall us mutilating many of our women with barbaric practices like footbinding, either. Castration is another barbaric practice that was quite popular in China for centuries, if not eons; I can’t recall any White population doing that, certainly not at the scale the yellows did.

Then there’s the tens of millions of innocent men, women, and children murdered by Chinese communist regimes.

Maybe yellow women should shut their big fat yaps?


And now the despicable totalitarian victims come for the books.


Her IQ wasn’t high enough to study STEM because of her XX-genotype birth defect. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with any of her diplomas.

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What’s ironic about this situation is that she is second generation Chinese here in America. you would think that someone in her family might have explain to her what communist China was like.

She had the benefit of being raised in a western country that white Christians built and has the nerve to say our history, culture, and literature are oppressive.

If she truly feels that way then perhaps it’s time for her and her family to return to their ethnic homeland.


But…her people are oppressing Muslims in China right now. Isn’t that the ultimate leftist sin? When is she going to start hating her race and demanding and end to precious Muslims religious persecution?

She doesn’t even look full Chinese. Probably some kind of mix and she’s working through the identity issues of being mixed race. Diversity is toxic.

In all honesty it’s a damn sad day when a librarian resorts to calling books written by white people, racist.

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Does anyone know what the fuck Whiteness is

Chinese people are similar to Germans they are naturally authoritarian lunatics

We’ve had this type of behavior in the UK for quite some time. This is how real institutional racism gets established. The history and culture of Europeans must be destroyed and replaced by the invading culture. It’s the only way that they can make “progress” and destroy the rest of us.


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What is whiteness?

It is the newest and latest social fashion trend.

It is brought to you by the weak minded fighting racism by promoting racism. Hoping to get the mouth breathers to believe “white” is a race that should be hated.