Ukraine Russia War Front and Updates 🪖

I was wondering about that and did not know what that meant.

He is, he has a lot of character. I am also curious if he also speaks Russian, that would mean he speaks three languages. I wonder what his personal story is.


The one thing I forgot to ask is about the video Alex was talking about where Ten Russian POW’s soldiers were executed. If you find that video let me know, my sources came up dry.

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This guy should choose a different back ground to do his videos, its always so dark.

He’s been a lawyer or maybe still is.
A very dark profession. LOL

Z is short for “zemlya” which means (Mother) Earth

Can be, depends on what side you are on.

Yes I have seen the white “Z” markings on tanks in certain videos but didn’t know what they meant. Now I do.

This report just came out and its pretty damning!

This is significant. Why? In a way this is what this war is really about, among other things of course.

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Only a badass like FPS Russia can almost get split in half with shrapnel and keep his cool

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t know anything about firearms, but how do you get a vehicle to explode with one bullet?

Russia knows that there is a culture war against decency — against all nations, not just against Russia.

I think he is using a grenade launcher to set off the explosion.

Totally crazy though that the flying metal almost made mince meat out of him. That takes some serious brass balls to do.

Yep! Absolutely! They know its destroying the west. Liberalism is a disease!

When viewing this story that dots get connected even more and why Democrats love Ukraine so much

Russian volunteer reveals his troops in Izyum stumbled upon a Ukrainian satanic “child organ network”.

Ukraine: the hot zone for human trafficking and organ harvesting.

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Well this is going to go over well!

Russia’s Wagner Group sends bloodied sledgehammer to EU

The Clintons, Bidens, and other Dems and liberals are heavily involved in satanic practices.

Putin is a moderate. If he is replaced, there will be a more hawkish Russian government.

He could have saved a lot of life if he had gone into Ukraine more decidedly, destroying the Dnieper bridges and supply lines to Ukraine troops in the Donbas back in February.

Of course this is a Russian propaganda of sorts.
Nonetheless, it won’t make the lives of Ukrainians in water-logged trenches any better.

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The lying western media might say something like: “The Russian captors tattooed these poor Ukrainian POWs.”


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