UK/US now shitholes but why?

What I don’t understand is why TR isn’t a national icon - he should get a knighthood but this’ll do for now.
I must admit I thought he was still in prison.

Muslim vs Christian
Right vs Left
Lib vs Conservative
Dem vs Republican
East vs West

These are gaffs half woke get tricked into, while the real enemy laugh all the way to the bank.

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I despair of how low the country of my birth has sunk in the short space of three decades, Jim. But hey, that’s dumbing-down for ya - thanks a bunch, BBC and ITV!


He’s loathed by the establishment, not for his politics, but for highlighting a) the Islamic threat which nobody else dares to mention, and b) endemic paedophilia, again which nobody else dares to mention - and we all fucking know why don’t we??!!

TR isn’t in prison but I’ll tell you who is . . . Julian Assange.

It’s a good sign. Tell us more about TR.
I’m not au courant.

I’m not up to speed on his current activities but he was (and might still be) the leader of a right-wing movement here. I’m more interested in the disgusting and ongoing persecution of Assange by those whom he exposed for their treachery, or incompetence, or stupidity.

Play people against each other. That game has existed for millenniums. Problem is, people are very slow to catch on.

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I’d agree with almost all of that and I understand what you are saying but in UK in my opinion allowing muslim numbers to multiply at the rate they are is a massive mistake.

The culture just isn’t compatible.

Muslims and Christians lived peacefully side by side for centuries in Palestine and Turkey (and other places) … until 20th century

On the other hand, there is no reason to increase Muslims in the UK, unless of course there is an agenda.

Devout Muslims must follow the Koran; and the Koran is firmly anchored to the 7th century. There is no New Testament in Islam.

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Christianity has had a few centuries head start to grow out of literal interpretation of ancient documents.

Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years.

Conflict between Protestants and Catholics was more bloody.

Must admit I don’t understand the objective here or even if there is one Was it all planned this way - if so why?
Is it just what would inevitably happen unless the host country(UK) did something to stop it.
If I was a Pakistani living in Pakistan and I could just get on a plane and come to UK - I would too.
Maybe there is no agenda and it is just the natural consequence of our weak government(s) over the years
Is there a conspiracy? Are the globalists behind it (kalergi) - if so why - divide and conquer?
Will it change? not until Pakistan is a more attractive place to live than the UK.
Now that is a depressing thought.

Kalergi Plan is certainly in place.
The Habsburgs believe they descended from Christ. What I don’t understand is why those who claim ancestry to Christ want to destroy Christian countries.

Move along - nothing to see here.

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Thank you, you saved me having to write it. Don’t they realise there are moderate Muslims (the same as there are moderates in any religions) and radical ones?

Like I’ve said, it isn’t only foreign perverts who sexually abuse and violate children, it goes right to the top of the indigenous demographic too.

That’s probably what they’ve been thinking with the UK’s decades long interference in Muslim cultures.

Yep even randy Andy is implicated.

When in Rome… if you don’t like it ship out or be shipped out. As a small island we can’t go on being sorry for the sins of our past. We are facing a total dilution of our own culture on the current trajectory which in itself many think is not such a bad thing but what happens when the scales are tipped and the UK becomes predominantly muslim ?

It has to stop, there is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve national identity IMO.

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Obviously not sure of the finer details but convinced it has been orchestrated. There is so much evidence to prove that there has been both financial and logistical assistance. There is no way the numbers that have mobilised did this off their own backs. Predominantly male, sexually mature, of course that could just be a coincidence but it’s the correct constituent parts if you did want to dilute another race :grin: