UK/US now shitholes but why?

Is that another thing you taught the Wahabis?

Its just another example of the ‘‘law of unintended consequences’’ LOL
One day you Hasbara trolls might get the message - but I doubt it

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Thanks Stu - my thoughts exactly

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Its not conspiracy - have you never heard of AIPAC???

That’s the problem. I tend to write related matters from a broader perspective and yet get yelled at as “derailment.”

In reality, these people really don’t care; they just want to shut up views that are not convenient for them.


Maybe - but Amerika didn’t win the war

Between this, potentially happening, and China’s deal for development of Iraq’s oil fields, reached in October of last year, Iraq, China launch ‘oil for reconstruction’ agreementone has to wonder; who, precisely, “won” Iraq, after all the blood and money spent by this country?!?!?

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Typical case of winning the battle and losing the war.

Even in wars with Germany and Japan, who were the American servicemen who got killed and wounded?
Sons of white, Christian, middle class American families. Something is fishy.

The Talibs might or might not have been defeated in Afghanistan - and anyone who believes they have will believe anything :roll_eyes: - but militant Islamists are already in every other country on the planet. This is a typical American and British mindset - that everyone who isn’t a Westerner is stupid, and how many times in recent history has it been proven incorrect?

And yet we still keep going back for more! To keep making the same mistakes is the very definition of ‘stupid’?

This segues nicely into the ‘‘WHY’’ of the OP
Maybe there is a deeper reason we keep making the same mistakes.
If the following is true we are being controlled by an entity that wants US/UK/The west to become shitholes for the benefit of the usual suspects.

''Bendersky’s years of diligent research demonstrate that for decades these experienced professionals—and many of their top commanding generals—were firmly convinced that major elements of the organized ■■■■■■ community were ruthlessly plotting to seize power in America, destroy all our traditional Constitutional liberties, and ultimately gain mastery over the entire world. ‘’

Asylum Seekers Sexually Assault Girls, Beat Up Their Father… I live in PA’s Coal Regions, a very unique breed of people. The only Old West Towns, East of the Mississippi. If this happened here, there is little doubt someone may have shot these knuckle draggers. You cannot swing a dead cat in my neighborhood, without hitting someone who is carrying. Silly me, I forgot Germans cannot arm themselves. But it looks like the perps can.

Who is a terrorist?
It’s not a band of religious fanatics who walk around with bombs around their waist.

A terrorist is someone who subjugates others by blackmail.
Blackmail with what? The biggest bombs known to mankind. Nuke bombs.

Israel’s nuke submarines sail around the world to strike at any target it likes, and Israel’s nuke missiles are targeting European cities.
Civilized world is terrorized by this monstrous entity called Israel and yet cannot get rid of it. Much less speak about it. Or else.

German people can thank Angela Merkel for all the harassment and violence coming from the ‘refugees’ that have flooded Europe since the bleeding heart invitations were issued.

It’s not the making of Angela Merkel alone.
It’s the liberal thought among the population, especially the younger generation in Germany, combined with manufactured guilt (mostly fake).

As for Britain, I assume it’s the guilt as well (for colonizing the four corners of the world?) that’s permitting the purposeful destruction of the country.

All this bullshit must stop.
School education should start teaching true history.


Pure crap. Israel doesn’t have anything other than diesel electric subs which have very limited range.

Israel’s submarines (which their slave state Germany had to deliver) can launch nuke missiles.

Remember the nuke scare in Honolulu a few years ago?

Israel tried to sink USS Liberty.
Israel gives a rat’s arse (as Brits would say) about annihilating a goyish city.

I think it goes further back than Merkel’s disastrous policy; if the West had supported Assad and the Russians 7(?) years ago in Syria to defeat the so-called ‘rebels’ (the BBC unfailingly refers to Syria’s jihadists aka Islamic State as rebels :roll_eyes: ), the mass migration wouldn’t have happened in the first place? And I don’t think toppling Gaddafi helped the situation very much either?