Two monsters here illegally raped same little 11-year old

There’s plenty of hypocrisy in both parties…

Two heads of the same

Yep, two sides of the same coin…

More like two hips of the same … um … proverbially abusing We the People sexually thing ,…

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From your posts I think you are European.

How do you claim to be so high and mighty when all of Europe has turned into a third world rape factory due to your immigration policies?

Point: at least we aren’t charged with hate crimes info we do shake our fists … not so sure about some places.

Why are the people of some of these PUSSYFIED countries afraid to rise up against the immigrants that rape and assault women. It’s YOUR COUNTRY and YOUR LEGAL SYSTEM that has to take charge.
At least here in the U.S., we are resisting the LEFTISTS CODDLING of illegals. Our Appeals Court judges need to take the blindfolds off and see the problems illegals are causing.

It might be helpful if the self proclaimed pro business party would start doing something about American businesses that are employing illegals, starting with Trumps businesses!!!

Let’s just ‘disappear’ paedophiles? Nobody would ever know, far less care, and then not one more child will be violated by the piece of shit - with or without an implement. Sorted!

Only when the daughter or wife of one of the ruling elite is raped will something be done about it. Meanwhile, just so long as it’s a problem affecting the great unwashed, they don’t care, ipso facto it will continue unabated.

Castrate them, tattoo their crimes across their faces, remove their fingers, and send them home.

From the original article.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement tells ABC7 that Barrera-Navidad and Palacios-Amaya are both living in the country illegally.

In December 2016, an immigration judge issued Barrera-Navidad a “final order of removal.” It’s unclear why the Salvadoran national remained in the country.

In 2014, federal authorities removed Palacios-Amaya from the U.S. for an undisclosed reason. The 28-year-old — who ICE referred to as a “repeat immigration violator” — returned to the U.S. on an unknown date.

Someone please explain to me how these types of crimes alone don’t totally justify securing our southern border including walls, fencing, electronic monitoring and surveillance, at least doubling the size of the border patrol and giving them the resources necesary to run constant patrols, interdiction and have QRF capablity to respond as necessary to remote locations.

When there is no real consequence for their actions, these vile creatures will continue to act like savages. In the UK we even have the front to say paedophilia is an illness and many of these beasts get treatment programs and released back into communities to repeat the process. Many times the local community have no clue that these creatures have been placed amongst them.

It’s pure nonsense but when you have high profile educated people also doing the same crime and at the same time often having a say/influence on legislation or Judging is it any surprise we are where we are with this problem?

The prisons and “treatment” units are a joke, nobody fears them, in most prisons here the nonces are segregated, so it’s not an adequate consequence.

They need to know that they have no value in society. Spending taxpayers money on treatment/imprisonment is definitely the wrong message. This signals that they are worth something to society in that it is worth trying to rehabilitate them but the reality is they are the worst of the worst.

If it is proven beyond doubt I don’t want a penny spent on them. I want the local community to be able to deal with them in a public display of torture, a clear message that this type of behaviour will have an ultimate consequence and it won’t be controlled by a switch or humane in any way, it will be savage just like their actions deserve. I don’t think the legislators left or right will ever go for it because they are all weak when it comes to corporal and capital punishment.

But if one of those innocent humans rapes a child, and ‘innocent’ becomes ‘guilty’, then what?

Then they are no longer innocent.

We each assign to our own lives their value. The more evil you commit the less value your life has.

As I pointed out years ago to someone threatening me, “The moment you threatened my life you had already agreed to forfeit your own”.

Balance is the way of the universe.

I’m not really ashamed to admit that for some criminals I think the proper punishment is to be brutalized at least as much as their victims were before they are given the relief of death.

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But there are consequences for monsters like this. Child molesters are the most hated segment of the population in any prison at least here and their prison terms will literally be hell as they’ll be fearing for their lives every moment they are awake and be treated like punching bags and blowup dolls for as long as they are in prison.

Too bad they won’t serve their terms out in Salvadoran prisons.

Prisons there make ours look like luxury spas.

They’re costing our societies an absolute fortune one way and another. Criminality is a lifestyle choice, and they don’t care one jot or tittle who suffers financially or emotionally in their pursuit of self-enrichment, so 2 strikes and they should be out. With recidivism stats always stable or upward, they obviously think it’s a risk worth taking, so let’s make them change them mind

Out how exactly? No so called “civilized society” is going to start executing repeat offenders who haven’t committed a capital crime.

Hasn’t the death penalty been abolished in all of the EU countries?

We typically deport illegal criminals after serving their sentences and bar them from legal reentry but that accomplishes little due to our open borders.

Their prison sentences should be hell, but over here they’re segretated from the other inmates, and they can all get together every day to fantasize, then resume where they left off when they’re ‘released into the community’. The madness continues.