Two monsters here illegally raped same little 11-year old

This is just one kind of worthless vermin that crosses our border…disguised as refugees from oppression. These men have no sense of decency. Both should be surgically castrated by complete removal of all that hangs between their legs.

Other kinds of vermin are in the crowd of worthless illegal aliens. Murderers, drug dealers, welfare whores…and the sanctuary cities welcome all of them with open arms.

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Forget the ‘surgery’, just do it. That poor child. And the loony left essentially want open borders - at least they do here in the UK. Religionists and liberals are the curse of mankind. And they’ll be the end of us too!

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Were it left up to me, they would have every bone in their bodies smashed, one at a time…starting with the toes…using a sledge hammer and an anvil.

I couldn’t agree more. Yet the religious believe that ‘all human life is sacred’?

Castration and bone breaking do not necessarily cause death.

Besides, even God condemns people to death.

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It’s just a cultural misunderstanding. Back where they came from that sort of thing is called Saturday night.


Not even close. All innocent human life is sacred.

Not only that but rape is about power and control. Castrate them and they’ll use a foreign object instead.

It would be nice if we could pinpoint the part of the brain that causes behavior like this and lobotomize convicted criminals.

This is why the US will collapse very soon. Americans can’t even kick these people out of their own country. Your children will continue to be raped and murdered while all of you sit back and shake your fists.

Too expensive. Just shoot them between the eyes…twice.

Feed the left overs to the fish…or the hogs.

Did you see in Australia how the folks on the street went after that guy who was knifing people?

I see more instances of people going after criminals because the police just can’t be there in time. It wouldn’t surprise me to see that start happening here.

Well, I understand the people of Australia have been disarmed. They need to wield bats and hammers and crack a few skulls to convince criminals without guns to think twice before acting.

Criminals with guns have no problem.

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LIBERAL 101. These incidents are acceptable risks. Give those knuckle draggers to me. I wouldn’t kill them; but I guarantee, by the end of the second week, they would beg for death.

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That’s my feeling on the individual bone smashing. Can you imagine having each toe, each finger, each ankle, each shin, each knee, etc…hit with an 8 pound hammer backed up by an anvil? Maybe with a 15 minute delay between hits?

I’m sure the Open Border Supporters are completely ignoring this crime .Big deal, the taxpayers pay while they are in prison and thenpsy for the deportation. Just put them in a helicopter, chain 500lb weights to them, tie their arms and legs fly upto 5000ft and drop them in the ocean.

We need to treat being an Illegal Alien the same way we treat other criminal activities when someone commits a crime while already committing a crime: as cause for charging them with a more serious crime right up to and including charges that can get them the death penalty.

They have no right to be here to even be able to commit a crime.

We should make examples of them.

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It doesn’t serve their purposes.

If it served their purposes, say if two white citizens had raped the daughter of Illegal Aliens, they would be all over it.

LIBERAL 101. As long as it doesn’t happen to me…

They have a right to due process so lets do it.

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Which is a precious few in the Democratic Party. What about the so called “pro business party” that will completely ignore the fact that these guys were working for a construction company here in America?