TV shows have turned men into bumbling idiots

TV shows have turned men into bumbling idiots. The author of thread suggests that Ray Romano as the pioneer of the “dumbo husband” movement, but it goes back much farther than that.

Look at this thread and you can examine the evolution of the strong male role model into an emasculated dumbbell. Interesting look with various facts that will certainly influence you to see this from a different perspective on how Media shapes people’s identities.

It’s to make us as non-confrontational as females by dumbing us down. A dumbed-down populace can’t challenge authority, therefore it can do as it likes.

That may be true but Everyone Loves Raymond is still one of my favorite sitcoms and I watch and laugh at a lot of reruns and don’t forget Home Improvement where Tim “toolman” Taylor was definitely a bumbling idiot! The only sitcoms I watch now are Last Man Standing and I do like Blackish.

This is why they need to bring back Old Westerns.

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The Old West, where men were real men and women were real women … a darn good arrangement.

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I’ve switched to Turner Classic Movies for entertainment after the news of the day is done (been repeated enough times). The movies run from beginning to end without interruption…just like at a theater.

I’ve watched Once Upon A Time In The West three times in the past few months. Each time I catch something I hadn’t really noticed before.

TCM beats the hell out of any modern sitcom available today.

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Back when I lived in Abilene there was a restored old theater that showed classic movies with cartoons just like it used to. The last time I went it was a Tyrone Powers’ The Razors Edge.

I’m in my 20s and agree with you. There was still an agenda and messaging back then it just wasn’t overt.

Actually, some of the older shows that aired in prime time had good lessons in them. My Three Sons, Father Knows Best, Leave It To Beaver, Rifleman, Andy Griffith Show and a few others seemed to be sprinkled with moral and ethical lessons…generally being taught by the father.

I see some of them on Retro TV and MeTV now and then. Hallmark has some good shows also. I think I’ve seen every episode of Murder, She Wrote…twice or more times!

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Now if they’d throw in a Newsreel and a weekly Rocket Man serial episode, I drive over there and spend a week or two in Abilene.

I used to watch Magnum PI with my grandparents. I’ve got every season on DVD and actually prefer watching that along with A-Team re-runs.

The “Real West” where men were men, women were scares, and sheep were scared!

Add “Blue Bloods” to your list.

“The Last Picture Show” was a great movie that really is revealing how America done itself in with its stilted traditions that created Bordum within the youth that would go on to be the “I don’t Give Shit” generation. The symbolism of leaving a small town on a greyhound bus to go fight in a foreign war is still relevant today as it was then!

There’s never been anything to touch Lonesome Dove though. What about that memorable scene where Newt is being threatened by an army sergeant, and the incident is spotted from a distance by Call?


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Probably the best of the Newest creation of the Western Genre

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Top this?

Thanks for posting that. Red Dead Redemption 2 has got me really interested in all things Old West. I had no idea this show even existed.

You can be a strong man & still be sensitive, gentle, and caring. That’s what a real woman needs. I was raised to totally respect women. It always paid off. A real woman does not want a weak man.

Soap was easily among the funniest shows of that decade.