Turns out, the IRS must return refunds during the shutdown

You’re one of Hannity trolls who will offer nothing to this forum.

Tread lightly.


Replying to one post becomes “harping”. :rofl:

I must have gotten the point you were trying to imply rather than the point you thought you could work your way towards. Ooops.

It had nothing to do with you. It was projecting. Review each of his posts. He does the same thing each and every time he replies to someone on here, just as he did on the other board. Like I said, his schtick is old and tired.


I refuse to feed the virus here.

Hoping they are soon shown the exit.



And entirely predictable. ((yawn))

I’m not on the hannity board. I don’t know who you, Wiley, and DMK think I am. I am here to discuss politics. I am here to not get censored.

Some people here seem to be very paranoid about Internet personalities joining this forum. I thought this was a open place for libertarian and conservatives views? Am I wrong?

I would like to get to discussing politics. Can we agree?

Wh would you call working americans ‘leeches’?

Seems to work for liberals who hate Trump and then project that hate onto everyone who voted for him.

No problem calling them names, insulting them etc. without knowing who they are.

Spare me your empathy pains for the gov employees. You have not the same concern for your fellow man when they are on the other side of the political aisle.


I didn’t. I called government employees leeches, because they are. What would you call someone who makes their living off other people’s taxes?


But it’s a job. Better than collecting welfare, right?

Not really, I don’t see much difference between paying someone not to work and paying them to do a job that shouldn’t have to be done.

I see your point. Touché