Turns out, the IRS must return refunds during the shutdown

I’m sure all of those IRS employees asses are totally chapped about this. :rofl: I hope they are pissed off the whole time they have to work without a paycheck - crooked bastards.

They are not working without a paycheck. They are working without a paycheck that is not being issued on its normally set schedule. It may be a month from now, but they will receive their pay.

Yep, most of them get a nice paid vacation, I feel so sorry for them.

So in order to hate an institution… you have to hate the people in it?

Wondering if this isn’t the best way to cut government spending by 20%.

Pelosi says shutdown, Trump says spending cuts.

They wanted to punish American people in hopes they “the people” take it out on Trump and repugs.

It was political for their reason to walk out.

As I said earlier. Don’t show up for work? You just used your vacation days.



Gosh. The only person who mentioned hating the people is you.


Hilarious… you are really good at harping on a word and missing the entire point.

Trump doesn’t know the meaning of spending cuts.

Are you ever going to make an actual, factual statement or are you simply incapable of same?


Why don’t you tell us all about spending cuts…educate me.

Hey, there’s that projection again. :laughing:

While at the same time running record deficits

Do I know you? You keep commenting about my political leanings like you know me. Liberal? Hardly… but I guess every is liberal when you are far-right.

Is that anything like everyone to the right is a Trump supporter when you’re far left, you hypocrite? :roll_eyes:

Again… who is far left? I’ve disagreed with a few subjects and posts… does that make me a lib in your eyes?

A few :laughing:

10 ROFLs

You didn’t answer my question. Am I a lib when I disagree with you? And I a lib when I think Trump is a liar?

You seem like a delicate snowflake… which makes you a lib. Lib

Your schtick is old and tired. Get some new material.