Turkish Muslim Gunman opens fire on a tram in Holland, wounding several White people - 3 confirmed kills


CCTV captures Turkish ‘gunman’ on Dutch tram moments before ‘terrorist-motivated’ shooting spree left one person dead and several others wounded - as police warn public not to approach suspect

  • Police release photo of Gökmen Tanis, 37, captured on the tram’s CCTV just minutes before the shooting
  • One person has died and a number of people injured in a shooting in Utrecht, central Netherlands
  • One or several gunmen, ‘who may have had a terrorist motive’, opened fire on a tram in the city centre
  • The assailant or assailants fled the scene and police have since surrounded a building in the city
  • Dutch government has raised terrorism threat level to highest possible, and schools are on lockdown
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How is this possible? Gun laws in the Netherlands are incredibly strict! Are we to assume that gun laws actually don’t work. There are already laws against shooting people as well. I guess people who are going to be criminals just don’t really care about the law. Interesting.

Its not hard to bring guns into the country, or any European country for that matter. France has some of the strictest gun laws in the world and that didn’t stop terrorists from carrying out mass murders there!

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No, gun laws don’t stop terrorists or hard criminals. However, they do prevent accidents, for example with morons and children and they stop small time criminals. If someone was to break into my house, I can be pretty sure they wouldn’t be armed because the penalties are so severe - it just wouldn’t be worth it for them. That is what I have grown up with here, but I also understand you would rather be armed, so long as you have the balls to fight an intruder who could be armed too. I don’t so I prefer it the way it is here.

I think @SmashMaterialists was being facetious.

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There is currently a manhunt underway. There probably wouldn’t need to be a man hunt if it was difficult to find a Turk in the Netherlands in the first place.

Also - 3 people have been pronounced dead.

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Want to know the first thing the cops did? They placed mosques in the city under special protection.

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They had the shooters name out there very quickly, I wonder if he is already known ?

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I was wondering the same thing. He obviously had been on someone’s radar for a while. This reminded me of the Boston Bomber brothers. Since they were already known to the FBI they were able to get out there identity quickly.

At this point forward anyone who is a foreigner and is “known” to be a threat should just be deported. Why wait for them to take action?

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He is the main suspect in an active rape investigation and was previously convicted for assault.

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Which shows liberals hate for guns will not stop terrorism. It is people that kill not guns. When terrorists use cars will you ban cars?




Or ban Alcohol, because I am sure that kills more people per capita than guns do. But doing that, well you know… doesn’t turn out so well as prohibition already showed us!

So you want to take away guns so only the criminals have guns. That should help. Notice most mass shootings in US happen in gun free zones

Shows how illogical the liberals are when they want to take away guns from legal citizens.

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Here’s the deal Jen. If someone breaks into your home their is a good chance he is armed…and zero chance that your are.

But keep in mind this isn’t the reason why we across the pond are armed thou. :wink:

I think it would be more effective to ban Islam.

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Yeah? How do you do that and still advocate freedom of religion and Freedom of speech?

No, only hard criminals have guns and they’re going to have them, gun laws or not. Petty criminals don’t use guns. Not here.

How do you differentiate between "Hard Criminals and petty ones?

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