Tucker Carlson affected Trump’s recent Iran decision

“Trump told people that he had watched Carlson’s show and it had affected his view on the Iran situation.”

I guess this means Tucker Carlson can’t ever go on vacation for as long as Trump is in the White House. I mean, this is a good thing because neocon full-war mode is retarded…but this is also a bit retarded, just slightly less so.

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This is a crazy situation, regardless. I like Carlson, but what does it say about a country where a cable news host is the only thing preventing a senile Diet Coke addict from being led into starting WW3?

Completely fantastic that we have such an impressionable juvenile in the White House. :roll_eyes:

It’s great seeing people waking up to this idiot.

Buzzfeed, ROTFLMAO.

Maybe you can come up with a credible source lis politico or CNN or MSNBC.

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Monte, the prefect audience and topic to vent your hate.

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I believe it- and it’s for the better. When he watched Steve Hilton, he ended up making the infamous Ukraine call the following week. Hilton did a show about the Biden’s corruption, and the next week Trump made the Zelensky call.

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Yeah - the pattern on this is predictable at this point and I personally think Tucker nailed it. Hard not to listen to his argument… especially with Trump being so pissed about the Iraq war.

Would you prefer Sam Donaldson, Walter Cronkite, or Woopie Goldberg?

Media figures have had major influence over every modern Presidency.

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Truth be told Carlson and Trump have a lot in common when it comes to US Foreign Policy positions.

Trump won the presidency largely parroting the same military and foreign policy Carlson has always supported.

I posted this earlier, but it bears repeating- I hope Trump was watching (as he often does) Tucker Carlson tonight- particularly retired Col. Doug McGregor:

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He may not have watched it tonight because he was at a rally in Ohio but I’m pretty sure he DVR’s this stuff and watches it on the plane home to DC.

This video was already posted in a previous thread.

So far your leftist buddies hit him with an attempt to subvert electors, with the Mueller investigation, with the emoluments clause, with the 25th Amendment, and then with impeachment.
And all of it simply bounced off and fizzled like a burnt out sparkler.
He has been investigated to a fare thee well, and less has been found than would on you or the Dalai Lama.

So Monte, they passed a useless non binding resolution in yet another fit of foot stomping.

Your hate is monumental and for mental health sake you should get over it.


Depressing to see them all joining with China, Russia, and now Iran and puking out the same talking points.

Damn the country, win at any cost!

:flushed::flushed::flushed: You’re approving that the president of the United States is setting policy based upon news pundits. That’s astonishing.

Of Obama and the nasty squad and the treasonous demoRATS .

Anyone who actually watches Tucker knows he is anti ME involvement of any kind in fact I don’t listen to him on that subject anymore since he just repeats himself and he is definitely Code Pink annoying.

In other words there is nothing new here when it comes to Tucker.

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Right, it was an FNC host not the Ukrainian parlimentary elections giving Zelensky the power to carry out his anti corruption agenda or the efforts of state department officials they described in the Schiff show that precipitated the call. :roll_eyes:

According to Resistance Democrats Trump only allows yes-men in his administration but it’s shocking when the President listens to a news host with a different opinion than his advisors. :wink:

Does that mean that you support US interference in the ME.