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Chernobyl had far more devastating consequences than any other Nuclear catastrophe in modern history.

Hell, we’re still seeing it’s effects today across Europe with higher cancer rates etc among those who were downwind, consumed milk from cattle that were etc.

It seems not too long ago the Russians were having to dump a few more miillion tons of concrete over the hole and trying to figure out some sort of permanent containment dome for it.

Problem? There is no concrete formula for producing concrete that can last 10,000 years or more.

The most tragic part of that incident was that it could have been avoided altogether!

Absolutely. Only if people had been aware of Zionist dangers.

As for the tsunami, the sea water which hit the coastal towns was radioactively contaminated. It can only be attributed to a nuke explosion in the seabed. (I don’t know how deep, but they must know. There’s something fishy about the Thailand tsunami in 2005 but the real damages occurred in Indonesia.) The Fukushima nuke plant explosion occurred days after.

Another example of inserting your anti ■■■ BS yet in another unrelated thread!

Your (know-it-all) talk is cheap.

Right! By posting more bullshit sources! This is not a conspiracy thread! Again congrats for derailing yet another one with your bs Magog maggot postings!

Can you say anything with content?

Let’s say, offer a better argument than the post above.

(Otherwise I’ll be forced to conclude you’re nothing but hot air)

Fukushima was blown up by Israeli terrorism
David Icke

Instead of resorting to all manners of name-calling, offer a better argument.

Apparently if you you spew enough bullshit eventually the truth gets buried. Or something like that.

True. Move the original location uphill about 25’ and it would have been fully protected.

One more layer of redundancy in the backup system and it would have been fine.

Nearly all engineering disasters are deemed “preventable” in the end, the problem is that as often as not something simply got overlooked that should have seemed obvious to all but wasn’t.

Just like the Twin Towers, the Fukushima plant was designed from the get-go to be destroyed at a later date.
Illuminati rule.

There was no meltdown in 2011. Period. The reactors were simply blown up by small nukes, as Icke points out.

Some kind of cabbalistic number for sure.

More completely unsubstantiated BS.

I know you are incapable of saying anything beyond that.

He seems to do it when necessary. You do post a lot of bullshit.

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Anything that doesn’t match your paradigm is bullshit.
Eyes wide shut.

All of your “theories” posited here are pure BS. There isn’t a verifiable fact anywhere supporting any of them.

What freaking theories?
Only thermonuclear blast makes radioactive tsunami.
Only Israeli terrorism can blow up reactors along with the concrete housing

Such a waste of time dealing with shabbos goys on a good website.

There’s no truth in any of those three statements of fact and there’s absolutely nothing to support the contention the tsunami was caused by anything other than the earthquakes which were recorded prior to the tsunami waves.

You seem to forget the most basic facts or ignore them in order to propagate your ridiculous and totally unsupportable claims.

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Dark, muddy seawater I was talking about.
It is because a thermonuclear blast in the seabed was used to create the tsunami.
There were actually three artificial earthquakes, including one with the epicenter in the middle of Tokyo Bay.

Hydrogen cannot destroy the reactor housing, with very thick concrete walls.
A mushroom cloud can only attest to nuke blast.