I just saw that Shares went from $10 to 50 per after public offering. Way to go!

EDIT: Now at 90+ dollars a share! I am loving it! Way to stick it to the man!


Have any of you signed up? I’m waiting to see how it goes… I don’t want repercussions down the road because I dared to join a “Trump” site…lol.

It’s on pre order ….

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Watch Montecrusty have a meltdown. He will put Chernobyl to shame if Trump succeeds! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Monty’s panties are in a wad because they know this is a game changer.

Facebook and Twitter are using tools to stifle conservative conversation and the formation of like minded groups.

Political Bullpen has experienced a shut down, last years Patriot Party efforts were snuffed by FB.

Monty knows that if there is a large migration towards TruthSocial that leftest control of the tech sector will be in jeopardy.

Look for Congress to hurry up regulations that will institutionalize FB and their leftest stronghold.

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You terfs and chuds need to know your place.

We run shit. Go hide or submit.

You run SHIT is definitely true.

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The reason all of you are bitching is because you are powerless.

You can’t debate here either, chud.

I’m a Deputy Sheriff so you are literally WRONG. I’d soon run your fat ass in if you bothered me.


Why would you say that? I say god bless go forward. I’d much rather that the far right have an echo chamber to call home as to be constantly complaining that they’re being censored and have nowhere to go….


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Easy Lucy, you can’t just “run people in” because you’re “bothered” by them….:wink:

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I don’t think it quite works like that….

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I have the badge and the gun and so it’s best they ALL behave and you know NOT bother me :slight_smile: I’m actually pretty easy going, I think I’ve only ever had to throw someone up against a wall only TWICE and those two times were because they were SCREAMING “fuck you fuck you” or whatever.

But if you’re a good LEO, you have a respect for the law and don’t abuse your power but use it to protect and serve. And if that’s you, then you’re an asset to your community…

Well to elaborate.

We apprehended a crazed perp, he started SCREAMING something like “fuck you bitch” and so I threw him up against a wall and he was pulled in.

The second time another crazed perp had a knife and threatened to stab me and so I threw him up against a wall and put my gun to his head and pulled him in.

SOMETIMES we are faced with a situation where the choice is get killed or throw someone up against a wall, in those situations you can’t act like a fluffy bunny.

I think my partner and me are respected by our community, I mean people are always buying us coffee and stuff and there are a few old ladies who bake cakes for us, which is very nice.


We have the guns, and we have the numbers, and when its go time, you will be the first to go! Big fat girl talks a big game on the internet but truth is, when push comes to shove you are probably just a scared little girl with pink hair and a eating disorder.

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Ok Smurf lol ……………….


ACAB - you should lose your badge and job for police brutality

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: