Trump Media and Technology Group


The Marxist POS will be working 24/7 to shut this down, you know they are possessed DEMONS who cannot TOLERATE this type of thing.

Signed up hours ago…

Democrats are going to go insane hearing the name truth lol


Look out for the SEC police and FBI. Brennan, Clapper and Comey will conduct undercover investigations.

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Apple will probably ban it

Because that’s Democracy and Anti-Fascist, you know the GREATEST example of Democracy and Anti-Fascism is banning OPPOSING viewpoints (Sarcasm)


Trump had 89 Million followers on twitter before being banned.

If 50 million followers left twitter and followed Truth Social what would be the impact?

By this time next year we may be talking about the demise of twitter and facebook as political propaganda forces.

Time will tell, free speech may be under attack by the leftest media, hollywood, and city states.

It needs Democrats to make it. Parker is boring getter, etc… what makes twitter facebook joinable is you can respond to their stupid ass post and debate. I can’t debate on Parler or gab

Trump may produce the next generation of Social Media.


You assume all Twitter followers were “supporters”……

It will make him the richest man in the world once again

You assume all never Trumpers won’t get the APP.


I hope gab, Parler, and getter all merge to Truth. Let’s stand by one solid platform

Should have known this with anything Trump is behind….:roll_eyes:

Trump’s social network has 30 days to stop breaking the rules of its software license


This app is gonna be one of the greatest achievements in Internet history. Good bless trump

Trump change the skyline of the largest city in America is now going to change the Internet


Hackers gained access to a private version of former President Donald Trump’s recently announced social media platform and posted images of defecating pigs, expletives and more

Obama and Clinton must be dieing because they didn’t think of this.

I like the name TRUTH