Trumps creating a new party

I have been saying for some time now that the Americans need a third political party I have previously said that trump should start a new political party but have recently flip-flops on the idea because of how polarising of a figure he currently is however if I could vote in American politics I would certainly back Donald Trump’s new patriotic party

However he will need to get republicans and democrats to vote for him and that’s where people like you guys come into things you have to talk to democrat voting friends and family and layout clear points of how corrupt those parties have become and how Donald Trump is clearly the right man to resolve the issues in your political process

I know I have been somewhat of a polarizing figure for people here with people putting me on ignore and sending me mean-spirited private messages however you can now see that I was right and you were wrong you are not following what is happening and you need people like me to explain it to you don’t get upset with me if you’re stupid or too emotionally invested and cannot see what’s happening

I would support a new Party and suggest Don Jr as their first candidate.

I’m sure Mitch and the elite will be just thrilled.

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The Republican party is MY party. The establishment critters have to be run out of it. I’ll not surrender, create a third party and split the Republican vote to enable permanent Democrat control of DC. I thought we were making progress with Trump in power but seems like the establishment just went back to full retard the second he left power.

Of course republicans abandoned Trump, there’s no loyalty amongst thieves. Trump has done immense long term damage to the Republican Party, and cost them the White House and the senate…:man_shrugging:

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That’s exactly how they’re playing you. you are emotionally invested in a political party that is the wrong way of looking at things the political party should be emotionally invested in their country and support base something the majority of republican politicians are clearly not

After what happened to Bernie Sanders and now what’s happened to Donald Trump people from the centre of the left and the right should be encouraged to join a third party because that’s clearly the only way to resolve the political corruption within American politics

Everything has a time when it should end and the republican party is past its sell-by date and a democratic party is even worse

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Politicians should not be open thieves or openly corrupt and the only damage Donald Trump has done to the republican party is exposing them as corrupt and liars and thieves

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I made the mistake of voting for Perot. That gave us 8 years of Clinton. I won’t do that again. What we NEED to be focused on is creating a third party that splits the DEMOCRAT vote. I have a huge problem with establishment critters but I’m not about to sacrifice this nation to Socialists. You’re taking the path of creating a new party to serve our interests but the problem doesn’t lie with the party, it lies with the voters. You’re not going to correct a damn thing by splitting the vote.

Politicians are a reflection of society. This idea that we’re going to come up with some great set of politicians that are going to lead us to the promised land is the exact problem with your theory. Power corrupts. What we have to focus on is fixing the SYSTEM to stop the corruption and that’s damn hard to do when they’re in power. It’s going to take a Constitutional Convention. Creating a new party will only make things worse as it’ll put Democrats in charge indefinitely.

No one said it was going to be easy, in fact its going to be painful, but happen it will. However discussions like these are futile when elections are predetermined. Have you not learned anything? Lol! Its usually a revolutionary act that invokes such change, the GOP is toast!

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I voted for Perot too. 8 years of Clinton sucked, I agree.

The brexit party in the UK they made the conservatives leave the European Union and we never had a man on the inside like you did exposing the corruption we never had clear voter fraud like you had and we never had a politician like Bernie Sanders clearly stabbed in the back by his own party. I think you have had enough people see high level corruption in American politics to turn on its head at next election and say this is not working for me the politicians are not working in my best interest

A large minority of States were refused Standing in the Supreme Court. This is the place to begin.

Begin tomorrow. Make it clear to the Rino’s that their days are numbered. See who stands for the Country not their political backside.

Shake their asses up 1/21/21.

There is no fix. We’ve crossed the point of no return…

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In terms of power corrupts that’s why you need time limits on how long politicians can serve something we both agree on. I don’t believe that some mythical politician will come out of the sky and resolve all of the problems however you would literally be better off with regular people running your country then multi-generational corrupt families. I believe the country should be run like businesses get someone to run your educational positions that has experience in top-level education impartial businessman negotiating your trade deals and the idea of a third party is not a long-term solution that’s the only feasible way I can see of dealing with the corruption you’re not going to fix it from inside the party and your certainly not going to fix it from outside of the party you have to tear the partys down thier rotten to the core

Do you have any realistic idea of what this revolutionary act maybe be???

No disrespect but all of the memes about republicans having more guns and ammo than democrats has not changed a single thing the American military is far too powerful for regular men to fight maybe you could make the military do a take over and hand the power back to the people but I don’t see that as being realistic at the moment

Do you know how to read? Try it sometime and think deeper instead of bothering me with dumb questions.

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I thought you was going to put on camo shorts and start fighting the good fight you said you were still young enough. now you’re sitting here like a cuckold watching Joe Biden steal your country think about that before your rude to me I’ve never been rude to you until you started being rude to me

We were good friends for a number of years I don’t know why you’re attacking me it makes no sense I’ve asked you on private message to stop this you ignored that that’s fine but at least be civil with one another or just leave one another alone

The way this system works so I can’t really delete or edit this post however I would just like to say to any of the Americans that are currently upset I will give you extra leeway in terms of personal insults whilst the dust settles Dr Manhattan you’re not a bad guy there is no need to cause any permanent damage to our friendship my apologies for the above insults

He had a damn good point. A revolutionary act isn’t a revolution where we climb in tanks and fight our Army. A revolutionary act is starting a new party to burn down the old one. While I get the sentiment, it’s going to have the impact of putting Democrats in charge for 20+ years. It will reverse the Supreme Court. It will lead us down the road to Socialism and it will ultimately kill this nation, UNLESS it’s so centrist that it pulls people from both parties, but then it’s just more of the same shit.

We keep hearing meeting in the middle but what’s the middle ground between pro-abortion and pro-life? What’s the middle ground on 2nd Amendment rights being respected and gun confiscation that makes us LESS SAFE? What’s the middle ground between a Socialist nation where government controls business (we’re headed there as huge companies like Amazon are in bed with the government) and free enterprise.

I fear we’re past the point of no return and I see the solution of splitting up the country as more and more the only solution. The system is broken and I’m not sure we have the votes to fix it. It’ll take 3/4 of the states to pass Amendments that will be required to get the corruption out of DC. I had hopes that Trump could expose enough that the people will have had enough but I think all he did was truncate the timeline to our demise and I’m not blaming him, I’m blaming the response from the swamp. Too many will go to jail if all is exposed and they won’t allow it.

As to a real revolution, do you really think it’s going to be us against the military? A revolution in this country would be more citizens against the political class and that would be a massacre. While they would attempt to bring in the military to crush pockets, how has that worked out in Afghanistan? Now, imagine that force vs what we could bring to bear with 100,000,000 armed citizens. You want to see a proper insurgency, screw around and force the American people into it. Hell, most of the police and military would be on OUR side. My only hope for the next 2 years is that the SC will overrule unconstitutional mandates but I think they’re largely compromised at this point. I’m sure we’ll survive it as a nation but starting a third party and giving Democrats more power is just a stupid idea at this point.

We try to fix the election rules in the states we control but at this point, I think we’re screwed no matter what. Democrats are willing to cheat and until we get as dirty, they’re going to continue to win elections. Their model of stealing elections has worked well in the big cities, now they’re moving it to a national model. There is NO WAY that it’s a coincidence that all of the big cities have been run by Democrats for decades. That doesn’t smell of fair elections but we’ve just accepted it as ok. Now we have an election where we had (supposedly) 70% voter turnout for BIDEN? FOR FUCKING BIDEN? Obama got 57%. The last time it broke 60% was 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War. What we’re looking at is the new normal of Democrats stealing elections and creating a new party is just pissing in the wind. The ONLY way we can POSSIBLY fix this is to hammer down on election laws in states still controlled by Conservatives.

Think about something. From 2012 to 2020, Texas has seen Democrat votes go from 3.3 million to 5.3 million. At the same time, Republican votes have gone from 4.6 million to 5.8 million. This year alone, we saw a voter increase of 25.81%. That is absolute bullshit.

You all can screw around with a new party and hope that Republicans see the light and start acting right but all you’re going to succeed in doing is to put Democrats in charge of states like Texas and remove ANY hope of fixing this country. Your method will end up in a collapse of America in 10-20 years and a civil war. My method still has a chance of working, though we have to get decent people to run. We’ve seen some success from the Tea Party candidates but it’s an uphill battle. Priority 1 shouldn’t be the final destruction of the Republican party in my view, it should be tightening up voting laws to ensure Democrats don’t start stealing states like Texas. Step 2 is to recruit and place decent candidates into the Republican party and to actively primary EVERY SINGLE ONE of these idiots like McConnell. Step 3 is to start fighting to take back states like Colorado. I thought we were on that path with Michigan and Pennsylvania but we allowed them to be stolen by a few districts. We have to shut that down.

I don’t disagree but I just think a third party will end up just like 1992. Some dipshit Democrat creating a dynasty that we get to live with for the next 30 years. We have a good shot at taking the White House back in 2024 and more than that, we have a good shot at taking over the House & Senate but we HAVE To fix the damn voting systems or we’re just going to watch more seats stolen like Georgia. Up to Covid, we were making a lot of progress but it completely screwed us and Democrats just hammered down to give them a great method of stealing the election. The corruption runs deep but I think it’s 50% of the Republican party and 95% of the Democrat party. Creating a corruption free third party will ensure the 95% corrupt Democrats get more power.