Trump Will Lose in 2020


what Did I say that was ignorant?

I never said there was such thing

because of government intervention , these people have figured out the rules whether it was the Unions in the 1930’s, the Italian mafia in the 1940’s during WW2, Financiers on Wall street in the 1980’s, or multinational corporations today

They all figured out having friends in the government is an asset, so who is the blame for that?

That has nothing to do with free markets, what you are describing is a lack of free markets , lobbyists has been around at least on the federal level since Ulysses S.Grant was President , and before that States Lobbyists exist as early as the 1820’s

How is that exactly free markets?


I see what’s going on now. Some yackov smoked pot with Joe Rogan on the internet and now the gimmes have a new god. lol

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And massive debt !!! When you see those unicorns and pixie dust through those rose colored glasses try to see the inflation , lost of jobs , an economy close to that of Venezuela ,and Greece . Why would anyone want to work ? :roll_eyes:


I actually agreed with everything you said except that last sentence, wishing we had a free market. Unless you are in the top .1% of wealth (perhaps you are), that probably wouldnt turn out so well.

Fair enough. My apologies.

I agree with you here.

It isn’t exactly free markets, but it is a similar end result. If governent cut ties with big corporations, they would be limiting the corporations power with laws to protect average citizens. Because of those laws and protections, it wouldnt be a true free market.


I was layed off during the recession, so I went to school. I guess thats an investment.

I’m not saying everyone’s income or wealth should be equal, but I also think that a true, unregulated free market eventually leads to an opressive oligarchy.


Until the Clinton years gov’t employees were consistently benind the 8 ball compared to their private sector counterparts.

Today when you figure in wages and benefits they are doing far better than “working people” in the private sector and of course they get an annual COLA adjustment to ensure they never suffer due to inflation.

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Even in communist/socialist countries there is always a wealthy, privileged elite class.

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Terribly flawed logic. The economy is not a zero sum gain, there is no limit to wealth as long as we have a free exchange of goods and services and foreign trade.


When did I say it was a zero sum gain? Wealth creates power. Power is usually used to accrue more wealth and power. You see where this is going?


You claimed wealth is not unlimited which is factually false on it’s face.


Look guys, I know I’m not your favorite person here right now so I’ll offer up some tips. If Trump really wants to win in 2020, he should release 100s of 1000s of illegals into blue state wealthy neighborhoods. The amount of news generated of rich white liberals shitting on taco eaters would ruin the Left and outrage middle and low class white Americans by the violence caused.


Stupid premise. Illegals are already flocking to affluent areas because that’s where the jobs are.


Hey, you finally figured something out, your popularity…

Congratulations! Do that several times per day and you might have a future.


Even if the Government sacked the wealth of all of the Billionaires in the US, this would yield something on the order of $9T. Spreading this across 330M people yields less than the $15 minimum wage.

If that did not crash the markets, it would chase all big wealth creators out of the country.

Only good news is that there would be no stray dogs or overpopulation of “resident geese”.

Don’t ask me for a link, I do my own homework.

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I never said this. I was making the point that the rich and powerful have a tendency to make sure new wealth goes to them.


Oh please. It takes money to make money.

When you invest a thousand dollars and a wealthy person invests a million dollars and both get a 10% return, guess who made more money.

Once again back to my question, during the recession you invested nothing, I invested large. My wealth increase while your was stagnant or declined.

Your new wealth is comment requires proof. People with money invest it and it grows. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the market or a business they invest. The average American invests in a new LED TV or an RV or a new auto while others invest for monetary gain.


I personally think, because the Democrats don’t want to work aside with President Trump on building the wall, it makes it difficult - but not impossible - to do what he had been campaigning back in 2016. He knew he would run in a few roadblocks along the way, since the Democrats started with the “sanctuary cities” crap. So, if he doesn’t get the wall funded and put him, he will been known as the President who couldn’t keep his promise. And that could very well hurt his chances on getting re-elected.
On top of that, there is the stupid and very tiresome Mueller Report saga that seems to not end. Of course, the Democrats want to keep this going to until the 2020 Election (and possibly beyond).

So, in short: Trump has to deal with China and the Tariff War. As far as I am concern, the US economy will take a hit - but it is for the short-term. For the long-term, they will thank him when he can get some deal with China.


I don’t think a deal with China is possible. Tariffs will stay in place and will continue to be added to put more pressure on China. The turn around of course is to force Americans to be self reliant again, and start producing. Some say its a pipe dream, but the ones who voice such narratives are the same people who sold out the American workers in place of Globalism, something that China has exploited to their advantage. Make no mistake China is the next imperialist whose expansion seeks to make the world a slave trade dependency on tech they stole and the Orwellian concept they developed into a social credit system. Defeating Nationalism is key to pushing forth this plan. Essentially Trump is the last guard for the people.

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No, you’re forgetting the third option which is what we’re seeing take place now which is that manufacturers will start leaving China in droves and moving production to friendlier countries with better relationships with the US like India,Japan and S. Korea.

This is already taking place and while it’s not as good as bringing all those manufacturing jobs home it seriously puts pressure on China to come to some sort of agreement favorable to US in very short order or risk losing their biggest negotiating point.


No I am not forgetting anything! Try to keep up! Companies have already been leaving China in the last 10 years. I think it is you that is not seeing the bigger picture and the long term objective of what Trumpanomics really is. I can tell you its not a continuous policy of outsourcing our labor and manufacturing.

Secondly a trade deal is not possible with China based on the parameters of what the actual details on what the US is demanding when it comes to the enforcement mechanism. China is not willing to abide by international trade law which is why the Chinese walked and new tariffs were put into place.