Trump Will Lose in 2020


People want higher taxes on rich, better welfare - 21-country OECD survey.

Can’t wait for Breitbart to run articles on “why UBI is bad and going to give you AIDS while your daughters are raped by third worlders so vote for Trump instead so we can make Israel great, oy vey”

A strong majority of people in wealthy countries want to tax the rich more and there is broad support for building up the welfare state in most countries, a survey conducted for the OECD showed on Tuesday.

In all of the 21 countries surveyed, more than half of those people polled said they were in favour when asked: “Should the government tax the rich more than they currently do in order to support the poor?” The OECD gave no definition of rich.

Higher taxation of the rich has emerged as a political lightning rod in many wealthy countries, with U.S Democrats proposing hikes and “yellow vest” protesters in France demanding the wealthy bear a bigger tax burden.

Support was highest in Portugal and Greece, both emerging from years of economic crisis, at nearly 80 percent compared with an average of 68 percent, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said.

The Paris-based forum’s survey of 22,000 people about perceived social and economic risks also found deep discontent with governments’ social welfare polices, which many people said were insufficient, the OECD said.

On average, only 20 percent said they could easily receive public benefits if needed while 56 percent thought it would be difficult to get benefits, the survey found.

People were on average particularly concerned about access to good quality, affordable long-term care for the elderly, housing and health services.

Not only did people say they were not getting their fair share given what they paid into the system, people in all countries except Canada, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands did not think that their governments were heeding their views.

“These feelings spread across most social groups, and are not limited just to those deemed ‘left behind’,” the OECD said in an analysis of the survey’s results.

The feeling of injustice was even higher among the highly educated and high-income households, it added.

In light of the high level of discontent, a majority of people wanted their government to do more in all countries except France and Denmark, whose welfare systems are among the most generous in the world.

Most people said the top priority should be better pensions with 54 percent saying that would make them feel more economically secure.

Healthcare followed in second place at 48 percent while nearly 37 percent were in favour of a guaranteed basic income benefit, which has attracted international interest from policymakers but has yet to be tried at the national level.


no conflicting information in their report . . . nope none at all

Question: Do you think you receive a fair share of free money. USA 40% no
Question: Do you think people who shouldn’t get free money get it. USA 70% yes

Annalasis: I want my free money, but the others don’t deserve it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


No one believes the “but muh free market” meme anymore. It was a globalist prank and it’s not funny anymore.

News media org backed by billionaires: “but what about inflation, goys”?

Uh huh.


What does “rich” mean, because I usually fall into that category and I am not “rich” by any stretch. I perform highly skilled labor.


Trump will win because main stream America does not want your socialism. As long as democrats run on destroying our election system they will lose


Look - unlike most people my age I believe the kids got a raw deal. The economy has never been better and the power of the dollar has never been worse. Don’t get fooled into a scheme where the government just prints more money and hands it to you. That will not turn out the way you think it will.

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If the US government wants to control inflation, they’ll control inflation. They have many tools to handle it. If UBI is a thing, they won’t just lay down and say, “well fuck boys, I guess we’ll just let it all burn down cuz lol, inflation”

They’ll fix the problem should the problem arise.




Yeah, they’ll just “borrow” (sell us out) from (to) places like China. Again. :roll_eyes:


what??? say what?

nobody believes in Free markets??? you mean marxists, democratic socialist, socialists,democrats, some republicans, communists, anarchists, BLM, Antifa and any other fringe group don’t believe in Free markets.
Actually all governments don’t believe in free markets, its not just billionaires

We only have a touch of a free market, if we had free markets governments wouldn’t be has ginormous as it is today

I wish we had free markets

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This pretty much is the entire Leftist construct within a “post modernism” paradigm! Understand this and you begin to realize why posters like these make such arguments.


Y’all do know that the classic definition of rich, in the Democrat Party, is a person with a private sector job.


Welcome to Political Bullpen a777pilot!

Yeah, a private sector job! What a concept!

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That is what Obama did. He kept printing money


Welcome aboard! Expect mid to moderate turbulence when Marxists, er, Democrats are proven wrong.


That is about as ignorant as it gets Ayn. A free marker is as idealistic as golden pond was. There is no such thing as a perfect society. Wealth creates wealth (albeit by clever, intelligent, yet, almost always, corrupt individuals) and guess where it goes?
Eventually, a handful of individuals and/or corporarions control all the wealth, which eventually, effectively, creates an oligarchy or monarchy.
We can see this happening now, with the increasing disparity of wealth, and increasimg power of lobbying groups such as pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, communication and tech companies, and education corporations. These lobbying groups help push legislation that increases their power and wealth. Since wealth is not unlimited, others, mostly individuals and small businesses who are not part of those groups, end up paying the price for these imbalances and become more burdened, spiralling the disparity of wealth and power.


You bet, let’s tax the wealthy 90% of their earnings and 20% of their wealth.

Bet the same thing happens here as is France and Britain when thy tried that little trick.

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There will always be rich people and always be poor people.

During the recession were you investing or selling???

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True! Which proves the point that politicians are useless at solving problems seeing they don’t write legislation, the lobbyists do that for them! Getting rid of lobbying and big money out of the political system will go a long way to restoring the “public Servant” and spear head the inequities in wealth that you speak of! Term limits now!

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