Trump to Sign Executive Order Making Judaism a Nationality

Ok. Now this is completely fucking ridiculous.

This will have massive repercussions on the First Amendment. Withholding federal funds because of protesting or boycotting is a terrible precedent.

Also - I try to give Trump the benefit of the doubt with this Israel stuff…but DAMN! There are Christians being genocided all over the world. Not a peep. ■■■■ get their feelings hurt, restrictive laws and oppression of speech. Fuck this.


Everyone convert to Judiasm, you can now gather and express your nationalist views.

Checkmate. All you have to do is believe you are gods true chosen people and don’t mix with the filthy stinking goyim.

When are you guys going to learn? Trump abandoned his 2016 platform the minute he got elected. Since then he has spent every waking moment working for Israel.

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Hmm…if being a ■■■ is a nationality now then they’re going to need to give up their government positions because those are only meant for Americans.

Wrong. “German” is a nationality, it doesn’t mean you personally are a German Citizen, it simply means your ancestry is primarily from Germany.

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Interesting. Because it takes away the basic ■■■ defense of “we’re just a religion, goy!”. This literally puts into law that they are a nation within a nation. I’m not sure the ■■■■ want that made explicit in the long term!

How does this differ much from the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ community being able to classify biological males as females simply because the girlymen can’t keep up with the competition in male sports events?

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Because the President of the United States is using the government to give one specific group a particular socioeconomic advantage.

With the LGBTQs, they are just screaming loud enough to get people to react.

Apples and oranges.

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Apparently, not everyone agrees with you:


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…and the LBGTQ community is giving one specific group (transgender males) a particular socioeconomic advantage.

Therein lies a similarity.

Show me an Executive Order from the White House that withholds federal funds from educational institutions for pissing off transgender freaks.

If “■■■■■ are Americans why do they feel such a pressing need to “have a voice” in what goes on in the ■■■■■■ ethnostate? Because they are constantly kvetching about something something Israel…they need to make up their minds. Are they ■■■■ or are they Americans. This hyphen-American shit is what got this country into trouble in the first place.

Did the President determine what a German is by Executive Order?

Zion Don just can’t help himself. 1 million more illegal aliens for America. $10 billion more for Israel. MIGA!

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So if Judaism is made a national identity rather than just a religion, anything that they do is in the interest of their nation, thus they have no place serving in Congress :rofl:

The ADL is gonna have a field day with this.

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I didn’t say there are other similarities. The girlymen are not punished at all. It is the real girls that have things taken away…like trophies and records.

All I have is I say is, this is a bunch of stupid shit and that you don’t have to agree with everything Trump does to still support him. This is retarded.

Don’t get your panties in a twist, it’s an executive order not a law and the next idiot in the WH can revers it.

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Now I can open up without fear of being accused of anti-Semitism: ■■■■■■ food is terrible.

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Meh - we all got our panties in a twist when King Obongo did stupid shit like this. Trump doesn’t get a free pass because he’s our guy.