Trump supporters what are you going to do?

I don’t know if you’ve heard the expression big for nothing but that’s what you guys are looking like. Americans on the internet have boast about how much guns you have and your right to bear arms against tyrannical government well you have a corruption and tyrannical government in bed with China and and they’re planning to sodomize you. Many of your own republican representatives are working against you in the open. I hear you have a 10 million man march planned in Washington I hope you guys really mean it but even then what’s the plan even if you guys physically beat up Joe Biden and murder him in the street which would be justified and then what I doubt that’s even going to happen

It looks like you guys have no real leadership as Trump is powerless you guys will need to spend the next 4 years organising a real political organisation similar to the UKIP party or the brexit party to put pressure or even replaced the republican party hopefully replace Trump is your Nigel farage

I don’t mean to sound disrespectful guys but at the start of this thier was a lot of fighting talk not particularly from people here but it looks like it was all mouth no action the thing that makes it look more ridiculous it’s how much you guys as a nation have been bragging about your guns and how you would not let this happen to you the democrats and China are in your house taking your TV whilst you stand there looking at them after years of saying you would shot someone for trying to take your TV (as a nation not individually)

None of that is going to work! We are not the UK, and the only business “We The People” understand is a full revolt.

We need to hold rallies in Democrat run areas (second amendment first amendment) rallies. Things that would trigger them to break constitutional law, and then just arrest that states attorney general, mayor, police chief, governor… etc… it s easy.
Call it second amendment rallies in Boston, the mayor would try to shut it down. Well sir your tyrant your going to be tried in our tribunal.

Go to every city and state until they are all surrender.

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I like the way you think! The American way! Kick ass and take no prisoners.

From the outside looking in it really does not look like that is a likely turn of events at this point in time I’ll be willing to bet money and I’m not a betting man that there will be no full-blown revolt

Yeah? Don’t kid yourself! When livelihoods are taken away and forced compliance is an issue Americans will not take to kind to a tyrannical government! History says so and we have the numbers and the guns. It’s why our founders included the 2nd amendment for this very reason and we are fast approaching that threshold now!

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If you guys held rallies in democrat run areas you will be beaten senseless shot with rubber bullets and water cannon and then you guys will be in trouble for it. You guys are not black lives matter the establishment and media are not on your side corrupt politicians will crush you

Perhaps protesting during the days and rioting at night is the answer, in the cities of course.

Worked well for the left.

You guys are not corrupt politicians puppets and will be held to a different standard to black lives matter and and the pussy that dress up in black the full force of the law will been used against you like what happened to the proud boys

If I say I want 1 million gun owners to show up in Boston in July 4th, 2021 to celebrate our liberties and rights. I really would like to see them attack us.

No disrespect but I’ve heard this American Can-Do attitude before as a Brit I know I’m from a cuck nation you guys are just finding out you are as well and the whole world can see it including China

They are cowards they will wait until you are at home and arrest your ring leaders in front of their families when they are not expecting it that standard procedure for corrupt governments

Just like to stress I’m not trying to argue with anyone just putting out the reality

One thing you fail to realize is not every that supports Trumps policies are trump supporters. Many like his policies and not the man.

From a business prospective, you are correct, there will be no revolt. From a business prospective this is what I see.

Higher taxes will force more businesses to downsize, off shore. Higher unemployment. Marginal expansion of businesses. Higher unemployment.

Fewer new business will start up after the government controlled shutdown of businesses across the country. Why take a chance at the whim of a governor or mayor???

Myself, with the passage of the ACA I laid off all my employees and work the business myself, I get paid when I work every time. I have far less gross revenue however I always get paid. I will never rehire and expand the business.

Investors will sell off holdings ad further press the economy. I’ve sold 30% of my personal holdings and 50% of retirement holdings. Like 2008, the market is headed south.

Lower taxes collected in the states and local governments. No kidding, you randomly shut down businesses and expect the same venue. Cut in government services.

All in all, a full blown recession is around the corner.

as a side not, conservatives ar not like the left. They tend to work for a living and bud their lives instead of taking to the streets. There s a line that may be reached when they right just says no.


Well said, LouMan

I don’t disagree with your assessment.

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I don’t have the time, energy or the inclination to stand in the streets screaming, especially in the winter

what I do have time for is to reduce my taxes paid to a corrupt government.


Have 1 million armed men show up to the prison. Who wins?

I guess you haven’t seen how IED’s work. because Media and politicians would be powerless to stop an uprising. Realistically the breakdown would be in splinters starting with states seceding determined to self rule. Red vs. Blue states would split down the middle and who controls the food sources and inter and outer commerce routes would also be disrupted.

The ringleaders would be rounded up and sent to jail the rest of you would be left rudderless because you would be banned from all social medias like Facebook Twitter these are key parts of any organised movement in the modern day Martin Luther style rallies through word of mouth and newspapers no longer exist

Keep in mind I want you guys to win buy honesty that looks unlikely your only way is through political discourse and considering the republican party is at least half corrupt you guys need a new political party

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What the hell are you talking about? You seriously think people are going to be communicating through social media during an uprising? Get a grip man! People are not going to find time to frequent sites like Facebook or Google where they can be traced and other priorities take place such as finding food, water ammo and fuel on a daily basis. Social media is the first aspect that Government will target dissenters in any uprising. Just stop with the pessimistic defeatist scenarios because a determined rebellion is not something anybody can predict.