Trump says he’ll sign executive order for free speech on college campuses


Ah sure, a “conservative” can elect to not attend a liberal art college bc s/he is paying the college for a service. The government can also withhold federal funding, bc it is paying the universities, and if they violate free speech, by all means, dont fund them.


The university, bc the results of those research increase the prestige of said institutions, which more grants and funding from public and private entities, more selection of good and bright high schoolers, more press etc…

Lets not pretend otherwise.


Bold for emphasis… now you have circled by to my original question…

How is a university denying 1A by not allowing a certain speaker to speak?


Is the OP about denying any speaker? Is that what the EO about?


Is asking the same question over and over again while ignoring the answer makes for a good debate tactics? Bc I think you can read, but you just cant comprehend. Please scroll up for the answer.


No… it’s the government.

Here is a link from my alma mater regarding grants…

More specifically this

“DOD depends heavily on technological advantage. Research and engineering must be marshaled to meet tomorrow’s defense challenges. Given today’s globalized access to knowledge and the rapid pace of technology“


The EO is about stipulations for a university to recieve federal funding. The central stipulation is the university can not deny the free speech of their students I guess? Official language of the EO hasn’t been released yet.

I am arguing that THE BASIS for the EO is based on a false premise. The promising being that the “hard left” is denying the free speech rights of conservatives.


Maybe. But when he first appeared here, he seemed to be one person, then suddenly changed personality and response style, then again and again… as though there was a shift change and multiple lefties coming in to take over @Pragmatic when one was tired or losing the debate.

As he never seems to give up, I’m still thinking this is a possible scenario… multiple prags.

Also supporting this conjecture is the observation you made about him needing to re-read previous answers… as though a new prag came on shift and has no idea what’s been previously posted.

But… i confess… it is just conjecture on my part.


What post number are you referring to? I haven’t seen a single answer yet explaining how the basis of this EO is true. That basis is that the EO needed to be signed because the “hard left” is infringing on the free speech rights of conservatives on campuses and online.


Well, he had two choices: he didn’t read the OP or he didn’t comprehend the OP.

Clearly, he chose not comprehend the OP because it puts the brakes on the liberal my way or the highway concept of “freedom of speech”.

The “progress” in “progressivism” has been once again thwarted by Trump. :rofl:


I have no doubt there are multiple users under that user name. :wink:


So I will count you as someone who believes, without basis in fact, that conservatives are having their speech infringed upon by the government on college campuses.


You can count? :laughing:

Stop grasping desperately at straws. You are embarrassing yourself (er, more than usual).


I have. My Comp II professor, one professor cancelled class for a Bernie Sanders rally. My U.S. History professor, when teaching the aftermath of the Civil War, said that slavery was the South’s heritage in this really…hateful voice. And this is at a Community College in a red state.

. And if you don’t believe me, go look up TFP’s videos on Youtube when they are at college campuses, or any of the videos about a Conservative carrying a Trump sign on a college campus. Or the video of the Anti-Fa member punching the Conservative in the face in the OP, or setting dumpsters on fire at UCBerkely. The evidance is out there.


Flame, we know the evidence is out there and it has gotten out of hand.

The libs use an inch to take a mile.

Time for the grown ups to step in :wink:


They have. Again, the videos are out there. It seems as long as you have a possy, you have the freedom of speech. Conservative students are highly disadvantaged in a college campus environment.


Check your liberal privilege. You’re ignoring the disadvantage and discrimination young Conservatives face every day on a college campus.

There’s also mentioning the peace rally that we have every fall semester at TCC, my current school. The last one I played with the school orchestra at (Fall 2017), one of the Humanities professors gave a speech saying how Donald Trump supported hatefulness and racism, and how we (they) will resist. You really can’t make this stuff up.


More insults… Makes for great discussion. When you don’t have an answer you resort to this. It’s obvious.


^^ I find that insulting. Which because you cannot rope me in you resort to blanket lies and false statements.

Reap what you sow, lib.


Although I am sure you have experienced those things… it is Anecdotal. I keep hearing about how college campuses “indoctrinate” it’s students with “liberal values” but I haven’t see any studies that show that. I have seen no facts.

It is a fact that college educated people are more likely to be liberal… but there is no correlation that it is because they are “indoctrinated” by liberal values… it could just mean that as people gain more knowledge and interact with a diversity crowd… they tend to lean liberal. At least socially.

What about college education is inherently “liberal”? Does this apply to Liberty University? Or any other “conservative” college?

I think it’s dangerous to make that assumption and adopt it as reality. People might skip going to college based solely on the fact that they don’t want to be “brainwashed” with knowledge.

It’s silly