Trump says he’ll sign executive order for free speech on college campuses


It’s only a lie if you don’t believe it… if you believe it then how am I insulting you?


Then I assume you actually can count?


All you have is your ancedotal evidence as well. Like it or not, the left has become more radical as of the last election, and it’s showing, especially on college campuses. And I did provide facts. Just look at TFP’s videos, or the video of the Anti-Fa member punching a Conservative in the face, or the videos of UCBerkely students setting arson to dumpsters and property in protest of a Conservative speaker. You can search for them. They are out there.

Politics has no place on the college campus during lectures, unless you’re a political science major. Even then, it should be restricted to a historical approach, and learning about how the government works.


Statistics can be fudged, by the way, so there’s really no point in advocating for statistics. Also because people can lie about their stances, either out of fear of being exposed or wanting to manipulate the data in their favor. It would be just like another poll.


Liberty University and College of the Ozarks are two exceptions that I know of. But public universities, state colleges, etc., have a heavy liberal slant.


I admitted my example from my college days was anecdotal.

Beyond that, I am not making the assertion that college campuses are infringing on the 1A rights of conservatives. Trump is… @DMK is. I am not.

The burden of proof isn’t on me… it is on the people that support this. Providing 1 or 2 incidents isn’t evidence that the “hard left” is infringing on the 1A rights of conservatives.


So now statistics are fake news? What point are you trying to make? Of course stats can be manipulated… but that doesn’t make them irrelevant.

I am not asking to throw random numbers in this thread. I am asking for factual, verified, stats… case law… something… that shows that the “hard left” is infringing upon 1A rights of conservatives on college campuses?


You are participating in a thread that provides evidence and reason for EO.

If you would like to dispute the OP or the reason for the EO then the burden of proof is on you to do so. Yet, you’ve shown nothing of substance other than your typical left wing talking points and peacocking your troll feathers.


Oh… wait…montecristo?

@DMK and I had speculated that @Pragmatic often posted like “Dantes” from another forum.

Dantes was the character in the story of the Count of Monte Cristo.

Is that too coincidental or what?


No it doesn’t.

It provides a tweet from the President, a video of his CPAC speech and a Hill article that regurgitates his CPAC speech.

What evidence is there to support Trumps assertion that the “hard left” is infringing upon the 1A rights of conservatives on college campuses?


There are no coincidences.

What you can be assured of is that @Pragmatic is not a “beast” but multiple people using the same account so as to appear relentless.


Yes. It does…


His tweet is evidence?


Is the evidence the evidence that resulted in a tweet?


You mean this part…

The announcement came after he brought Hayden Williams on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Williams is a conservative activist who was punched in the face at the University of California at Berkeley last month while assisting the university’s chapter of the right-wing group Turning Point USA.


Do I mean that part?


The first part of your statement is a wan attempt at inoculation; you then obviate the old grammar chestnut ‘when you use ‘but’ you negate everything you said before’. You believe Shapiro (or I can assume any other conservative) should be able to speak at any venue, while simultaneously approve of universities denying such speakers permission to speak-almost always with vague ‘security’ concerns. Funny that leftist speakers never spark ‘security concerns’.

“If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one.”
―Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451


So the GOP likes their President signing Executive Orders now. Got it.


We do when nothing is getting done in the legislature that is gridlocked, and the other party refuses to come to a consensus.


The Dems were OK with your messiah Barack doing it. Besides this isn’t just giving away the taxpayer’s money to illegal aliens (college aid, etc.), this is about ensuring actual free speech, not free speech with an asterisk to a footnote that reads: *Does not apply to hate speech; all conservative speech is now hate speech, therefore…