Trump says he’ll sign executive order for free speech on college campuses


That would be you…


I am sure the majority of the students are well behaved. You have security to protect them from the idiots that would show up to incite violence.

When it comes to political speeches… security should always be factored in. Sad but true.


Of course not, Zantax.

The libs would cry bloody murder just like they are doing now. God forbid their children break free from indoctrination, see alternate sides of view and be able to think for themselves.

Same goes for a kid raised in a conservative household. They need just as much to see the alternate side of view and learn to think for themselves.


This is quotable…


Uh, an invited speaker on a college campus means students need security to protect them from idiots that show up to incite violence?

Where do you dredge this stuff up from?


Yes. Are you having a hard time understanding?

Why wouldn’t you want security at a political speech?


Great! I’ll quote it again for the people in the back…

There hasn’t even been 1. There hasn’t hasn’t been a single case presented that shows conservatives have had their speech infringed simply because they are conservative.


Do you wear glasses? Do your friends refer to you as Trigglypuff? You seem to be have the same point of view as the character here.


I should know better than to bother responding to this bs. :laughing:


There already is. Your premise is that security needs to be tied to the EO. Not true at all.


Funding for security should be tied to the EO, yes.

Why shouldn’t it? Trump wants to force universities to allow controversial figures to speak on campus. The universities say that they cancel SOME of those speeches due to security concerns. If Trump wants to force them to ignore those concerns, then the feds should provide funding for security.


Honestly, I don’t know anyone who isn’t for balanced views being presented in college. I’m just wondering how this EO is going to work.

And after all the good conversation on this topic, I still don’t understand who the arbiter is going to be.

If for example, Berkely cancels a Rush Limbaugh appearance…who does rush limbaugh complain to? Who will decide wether or not he was cancelled because he is a conservative, or that he was cancelled because it there was a tornado watch?

And secondly, will people be upset if universities simply don’t schedule conservatives because as @Zantax


You will keep wondering because this is a “feel good” EO with no real basis for existing.

This EO would be no different than Trump signing an EO for “Saying Merry Christmas”. It FEELS good to cons who FEEL like they are persecuted for saying Merry Chrsitmas… but when challenged to provide data… they will never be able to produce it.


How do black people looking for housing determine if they have been discriminated against?

I’m sure libs know how to determine that. Some similar process will likely be used.


Why are you arguing with yourself?

My, my how freedom of speech has morphed into “controversial figures”. Check your social justice histrionics.

Hey, if they have a former president of the United States, a high profile person speak then sure, the college needs to pick up the tab for the added security if the speaker won’t pay for it themselves.


Your histrionics over freedom of speech would indicate that you are.

Your “what if” scenarios only further to dig you into a grave you created of your own making.


Cool. Then get off your high horse as your posts protesting the EO have no real reason for existing.


I do not know every single conservative who wanted to speak a university and didn’t. So I don’t know how “controversial” those individuals are. I said that because obviously the protesting student body feels that some of them are controversial. Whether it’s unfounded or founded is not something I am here to discuss. I don’t have enough information.


That may well be the first honest statement you have made while circling the drain.


They certainly do pay taxes with the money they charge for their goods and services. It’s often referred to as the cost of doing business.

My comment wasn’t about the the money comes from but the amount given to the state and local governments.