Trump says he’ll sign executive order for free speech on college campuses


It is as I said: For (in order to) break even, a corporation must cover all costs of doing business. Whether these costs are known, mathematically predicted or estimated, they must be covered in order to break even…or better, to make a profit.


An opiner…


So we cons are supporting this EO based on opinion and not based on facts?


Again, you have been provided numerous examples, you ignore them and pretend that calling it a cancellation because the left threatens violence is somehow not shutting down the speech of conservatives. Go find a houseplant to peddle that nonsense to, they might have the IQ to fall for it.


Strawman. Another troll post.
All opinions here are presented as posts. Not all posts are opinions. Some present facts. You made a classic logical fallacy…the Dom Assilium fallacy.


Ok. Let’s go with this “evidence”

How many cases of this happening are there vs how many conservatives actually speak at universities? I want to know the extent of this problem. With stats…


One is one too many. Nothing in the constitution about infringement of speech being ok as long as it doesn’t happen too often.


The deceptive Wizard of Oz sent Dorothy out to get the witch’s broom. He had no intent of helping her.


Again… there have been links provided but none of it supports the Presidents assertion and the reason for developing this EO.

There are 4500ish universities and colleges… let’s assume each one has a student body that schedules a conservative to speak…

So of the 4500 speeches scheduled… how many are denied for ANY reason (security, conservative)? Is it 10? 100? 1000?

How many are denied for the specific reason of being conservative?

My position is that this is an feel good EO with no basis for it to exist. I haven’t seen any numbers that show that this is a systemic problem that must be addressed by the federal government.

I’ve seen nothing showing that conservatives have had their free speech infringed by university officials based on them being conservative.


There hasn’t even been 1. There hasn’t hasn’t been a single case presented that shows conservatives have had their speech infringed simply because they are conservative.



Knock off with the hysterics. You and I both know this a result of conservative voices being pushed off the platform. You don’t like it and are hiding behind “ANYONE” which is a load of B.S.


Bullshit, hiding behind the BS security excuse doesn’t negate the fact that they were denied a platform to speak because they were conservatives. Government has no business shutting down speech to appease violent mobs, their duty is to arrest the violent mobs and allow the speech.


They (a) either shouldn’t attend the event if they can’t keep themselves under control or (b) if disruptive be removed and be suspended for a semester . The college should have a hard zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.

What they should be teaching is a learning environment, not a one-sided political agenda.

BTW, did you happen to note that I do not care which side of the isle disruptors come from?


Anyone think the libs in this thread would have any trouble seeing the problem if the mayor of Dallas shut down a Bernie Sanders speech because the right threatened to get violent if he was allowed to speak? No? Me either.


Then be an American and send your kid elsewhere where the speakers invited “matter”. Because what “matters” is subjective and only your opinion.


When it takes Federal funds the rules change whether you or I like them or not.


Don’t be. He is a troll.


That is your opinion… that is fine. But we shouldn’t be creating laws or writing EOs based on opinion.

You think the “security” excuse is BS. It may very well be “code”. However you need data to PROVE that their “code” is applied unevenly on conservatives.

You may not believe me, but I am genuinely curious about this claim. This is the first I am hearing of it. Im trying to figure out why this EO needs to exist.

So far I’ve seen a lot of opinions about how people feel it’s a problem. Which on a political discussion board is fine… we all have opinions. But people are presenting those opinions as evidence that conservatives are having their free speech infringed by universities simple because they are conservative. Once you get to that level… evidence is needed.

If it is really a problem you should have no problem providing evidence that university officials are denying conservatives simply because they are conservative. I agree if that is happening it IS a problem.


Additional security isn’t needed if the kids are well behaved. Why are they not well behaved? Are there no repercussions for bad behavior?


Right, you suck money from the taxpayer be prepared to have a sour taste in your mouth and learn to like it.